“Queens to the rescue” goes to Benilloba in its second installment

behind the Hit harvested with first episode of “Queens to the rescue”unanimously applauded by the public and the critics, the format produced by Atresmedia Television in collaboration with Buendia studies turn it over Sunday with a new adventure.

In this new chapter, our queens of ‘Drag Race Spain‘ will meet jordan openly gay young man with a secret that has caused him to lock himself in and prevent him from finding a partner.

Jordi lives happily in the city of Alicante Benilloba, where he has always been accepted by his environment. However, her happiness is not complete as she has spent years hiding a secret that only her mother knows: have undetectable HIV. A situation that makes him feel like he’s in the closet again and prevents him from finding a partner because everyone runs away when he finds out.

The protagonist of this story would like the queens to help him talk about your illness with the people we love without this implying the rejection of everyone. Jordi will also have the company of Asuna, his motherwho always supported him, and his straight best friend Robert.

A fairy godmother story with a powerful message

Supreme Luxury and his team made up of Pupi Fish, Sharonne and Estrella Xtravaganza They travel through different cities in Spain with the aim of helping people who belong to the LGTBI + collective and who need to send a message of justification in their environment. The arrival of dragged It’s a total surprise and a revolution for the locals, who discover that beyond heels, dresses or wigs, queens promote an artistic movement that stirs consciences. It is also a challenge for families and friendswho will turn to each of the stories.

‘Queens to the rescue’ in ATRESplayer PREMIUM

This new original format of ATREplayer PREMIUM provides values ​​as important as integration, freedom of expression or the importance of self-esteem.

So that each episode is special and unique, ‘queens to the rescue‘ is issued with a monthly periodicity. Thus, each story will be a special event because each story will be very different from the previous one.

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