Samsung Galaxy S23: Release Date Rumors, Specs, Price & Feature Wishlist

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is one of the most highly anticipated flagship phone launches for 2023. While Samsung has not officially confirmed details yet, there are plenty of rumors about when the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra will be released, pricing, specs, and new features.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the leaks and gossip so far about Samsung's next premium phones to get an idea of what to expect.

Expected Release Date for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung tends to unveil the latest Galaxy S phones in February and release them in March. The Galaxy S22 series was announced on February 9, 2022, and went on sale on February 25.

Most leaks indicate the Galaxy S23 series will be announced in February 2023, probably at Mobile World Congress, with retail availability in March. Some reports suggest a February 1 announcement.

However, noted leaker Ice Universe claims Samsung is planning to move the launch earlier to January 2023. This would give the S23 phones a jump on rivals launching in Spring 2023.

Pricing Rumors for the Galaxy S23 Models

ModelExpected Starting Price
Galaxy S23$799
Galaxy S23 Plus$999
Galaxy S23 Ultra$1199

These prices are in line with the Galaxy S22 series launch. Some cost savings from components could allow Samsung to keep pricing flat or even lower it slightly compared to the S22 phones.

Specification Rumors for the Galaxy S23 Series

While full details remain unconfirmed, based on leaks from noted industry insiders and part leaks, we can piece together likely specs for the Galaxy S23 models:


ModelScreen SizeDisplay TypeResolution
S236.1 inchesDynamic AMOLED 2XFHD+
S23 Plus6.6 inchesDynamic AMOLED 2XFHD+
S23 Ultra6.8 inchesDynamic AMOLED 2XQHD+ with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate

The screens will be bright and colorful as expected from Samsung. The Ultra model could get a slight resolution bump to 3200 x 1440 pixels.

Processor & Memory

  • Chipset - Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 globally (some Exynos models potentially for EMEA)
  • RAM - 8GB for S23/S23 Plus, 12GB for S23 Ultra
  • Storage - 128/256GB options

The full system-on-chip details are not confirmed yet but the next-gen Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is expected to power the flagship models for better CPU and GPU performance.

Rear Camera

ModelRear Camera Setup
S23 & S23 Plus50MP main + 12MP ultrawide + 10MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom
S23 Ultra200MP main + 12MP ultrawide + 10MP telephoto with 3x and 10x optical zoom

Upgraded sensors and lenses will improve photography, especially in low-light conditions. The 200MP main camera on the Ultra will enable huge high-res photos.

Front Camera

ModelFront Camera
S23 & S23 Plus12MP
S23 Ultra40MP

Big megapixel bump for the Ultra's selfie camera. The front cameras will have auto-focus and offer brighter, more detailed shots.

Battery & Charging

S233900 mAh25W wired, 15W wireless
S23 Plus4700 mAh45W wired, 15W wireless
S23 Ultra5000 mAh45W wired, 15W wireless

Faster 45W charging support comes to the Plus and Ultra. Batteries should provide all-day endurance for the average user.

Other Specs

  • Operating System - Android 13 with One UI 5.1
  • Resistance - IP68 dust and water resistance
  • Colors - Phantom Black, Cotton Flower Cream, Botanic Green, and Misty Lilac are rumored colorways
  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • Face unlock
  • WiFi 6E support
  • 5G connectivity
  • Improved haptic vibration motor
  • DeX desktop interface support
  • S Pen support on S23 Ultra

Premium build quality, stylish colors, the latest software, and extras like DeX highlight these flagship devices.

Most Exciting Rumored Features for the Galaxy S23 Series

Beyond just improved performance and cameras, there are some neat new capabilities reportedly in development for the Galaxy S23 line:

  • Satellite connectivity - Potentially allowing messaging/emergency calls without a cellular network
  • 200MP main camera - For insane detail and resolution with pixel-binning tech
  • Super HDR selfie video - Brighter, clearer front-facing video even in low light
  • AI-enhanced photography - Better optimization for scenes, faces, motion, etc
  • Astro Hyperlapse - For making time-lapses of the night sky
  • Upgraded optical zoom - Sharper, more usable telephoto and 10x optical zoom on S23 Ultra
  • Faster charging speeds - To quickly top up the battery during the day

These features would help the Galaxy S23 models stand out from the prior generation and competing flagships. Of course, some of the rumored additions may not actually pan out or be ready for launch. We'll have to wait for official confirmation.

Desired Features for the Galaxy S23 Series

While the leaks paint a fairly comprehensive picture of the Galaxy S23 series, there are still some features consumers would love to see based on feedback on the current S22 lineup:

  • Longer battery life - Multi-day endurance would be appreciated
  • Brighter display - For easy outdoor visibility
  • Lossless zoom - Better optical zoom capabilities without image degradation
  • S Pen for S23/S23 Plus - Popular stylus currently limited to Ultra model
  • Low light video recording - Improved stabilization and quality in dim conditions
  • Two-day battery life - For less frequent charging needs
  • Larger base storage - 256GB minimum starting storage would be great
  • Faster charging - Closer to speeds offered by Chinese competitors
  • Under-display selfie camera - For a seamless, notch-less front display
  • Rollable display - A foldable screen that slides out could be futuristic

Of course, some wishes like the rollable screen are likely still a few years off. But improvements to battery, charging, displays, and cameras are certainly possible for the S23 series.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S23 be released?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is expected to be announced in February 2023, with the phones going on sale in March 2023. Some rumors suggest the announcement could happen in January.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S23 cost?

Based on leaks, the S23 is expected to start around $799, S23 Plus around $999, and S23 Ultra around $1199. Pricing should be similar to the S22 series.

What specs will the Galaxy S23 have?

Rumored key specs include Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, a 6.1" FHD+ display for S23, a 6.6" FHD+ display for S23 Plus, a 6.8" QHD+ display for S23 Ultra, a 200MP main camera on the Ultra model, and a 5000 mAh battery for S23 Ultra.

What new features will come with the Samsung Galaxy S23?

Exciting rumored features include satellite connectivity for messaging, a 200MP camera and 10x optical zoom on the S23 Ultra model, super HDR for selfie video, Astro Hyperlapse mode, and faster 45W wired charging on Plus/Ultra models.

What colors will the Galaxy S23 series come in?

Leaked color options for the Galaxy S23 line include Phantom Black, Cotton Flower Cream, Botanic Green, and Misty Lilac. More colors may be announced at launch.


While details remain unconfirmed until Samsung's official unveiling, the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra are shaping up nicely based on leaks. The phones should continue Samsung's reputation for premium design, displays, and specs.

Exciting upgrades like the 200MP camera on the S23 Ultra could make these tempting upgrades for Galaxy fans. And competitive pricing would also help the S23 series stand out in the crowded premium phone market.

Stay tuned for official announcements in early 2023 for confirmation of the actual release date, pricing, specifications, and features coming to the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra.

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