Relive Classic Pokemon GO Moments: The Ultimate Guide to Throwback Challenges

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Pokemon GO has captivated millions of trainers worldwide, providing an immersive augmented reality experience. One of the most popular recurring events is the Throwback Challenge, which transports players back in time to relive iconic moments. This guide will help you make the most of these nostalgic challenges.

Understanding Throwback Challenges

TasksSpecial research tasks based on different eras
RewardsRare spawns, evolution items, stardust etc.
AvailabilityTime-limited events
EligibilityAvailable to all players
Understanding Throwback Challenges

Throwback Challenges are time-limited events organized by Niantic that recreate pivotal moments in Pokemon GO history. Players complete special research tasks and challenges based on different eras to earn rewards.

flowchart LR id1(Announcement)-->id2(Access Challenge) id2-->id3(Review Tasks) id3-->id4(Prepare Items) id4-->id5(Build Team) id5-->id6(Earn Candy) id6-->id7(Complete Tasks)

These events allow both veterans and newcomers to experience past moments and content. Throwback Challenges bring back memories for seasoned trainers while enabling recent players to learn about the game's origins.

Key Elements of Throwback Challenges

  • Themed Tasks: Challenges focus on specific regions, generations, or periods in Pokemon history. Tasks may involve catching certain Pokemon, evolutions, battles, etc.
  • Nostalgia: Events tap into nostalgic memories about early gameplay moments and discoveries.
  • Community: Fosters shared nostalgic experiences and camaraderie among players.
  • Rewards: Rare spawns, evolution items, stardust, and other loot for completing tasks.
  • Timed Availability: Throwback Challenges are available for a limited period.

Participating in Throwback Challenges

Follow these tips to take part in Throwback Challenges:

  • Check in-game news and Niantic's social media for announcements about upcoming events.
  • Access the challenge via the special research tab when it goes live.
  • Review the tasks and plan your approach beforehand.
  • Stock up on items like Pokeballs, berries, and lures.
  • Build a balanced team with different Pokemon types.
  • Walk with your buddy to earn candies for evolutions.
  • Complete tasks before the event ends to earn all rewards.

Top Throwback Challenge Strategies

Leverage Pokemon-type strengths/weaknessesDescription
Type MatchupsComplete reward encounters
Catch BonusesUse berries, great/excellent throws
Evolution ItemsSpecial items to evolve Pokemon
Community DaysCatch featured spawns
Raid BattlesDefeat bosses to encounter rare Pokemon
Research TasksComplete for reward encounters
Buddy CandyEarn candy by making a Pokemon your buddy
Top Throwback Challenge Strategies

Adopt these strategies to overcome challenges and capitalize on nostalgia:

  • Type Matchups: Leverage strengths and weaknesses when battling.
  • Catch Bonuses: Use berries, and great/excellent throws for extra catches.
  • Evolution Items: Stock up on special items to evolve specific Pokemon.
  • Community Day: Catch featured spawns during related events.
  • Raid Battles: Defeat bosses to encounter rare Pokemon.
  • Research Tasks: Complete daily challenges to encounter rewards.
  • Buddy Candy: Earn extra by making a Pokemon your buddy.

Ideal Pokemon for Throwback Challenges

flowchart TB id1(Pikachu)-->id2(Electric) id2-->id3(Water/Flying) id1-->id4(Dragonite) id4-->id5(Versatile) id4-->id6(Various Types) id1-->id7(Machamp) id7-->id8(Fighting) id8-->id9(Normal/Rock/Ice) id1-->id10(Charizard) id10-->id11(Fire/Flying) id11-->id12(Grass/Bug/Ice) id1-->id13(Snorlax) id13-->id14(High HP) id13-->id15(Withstand Attacks) id1-->id16(Gyarados) id16-->id17(Water/Flying) id17-->id18(Fire/Ground/Rock)

Here are some recommended Pokemon that perform well in challenges:

  • Pikachu: Electric moves counter Water/Flying types.
  • Dragonite: Versatile; strong against various types.
  • Machamp: Fighting-type crushes Normal, Rock, and Ice.
  • Charizard: Fire/Flying deals damage to Grass, Bug, and Ice.
  • Snorlax: Bulk with high HP; can withstand attacks.
  • Gyarados: Water/Flying is super effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock.

The Allure of Rewards

flowchart LR id1(Rare Spawns)-->id2(Lapras, Aerodactyl...) id1-->id3(Exclusive Items) id3-->id4(Evolution stones...) id1-->id5(Stardust & XP) id1-->id6(Event Medals) id1-->id7(Community Rewards)

Completing Throwback Challenges unlocks special rewards:

flowchart TB id1(New Challenges)-->id2(Different Eras/Regions) id1-->id3(Special Events) id3-->id4(Bonus Spawns...) id1-->id5(Social Media) id1-->id6(In-Game News) id1-->id7(Community Days) id1-->id8(Competitions) id1-->id9(Leaderboards) id1-->id10(Availability Changes)
  • Rare Pokemon encounters like Lapras and Aerodactyl.
  • Exclusive items include evolution stones and incubators.
  • Bonus Stardust and XP to power up your team.
  • Event medals and timed research.
  • Community rewards for collaborative participation.

Staying Up to Date

Throwback Challenges see periodic updates and events:

  • New challenges introduce different eras and regions.
  • Special in-game events with increased spawns, and bonuses.
  • Announcements via social media and in-game news.
  • Community days and competitions.
  • Leaderboard rewards for top performers.
  • Changes to challenge structure and availability.

FAQ of Throwback Challenges

What are Throwback Challenges?

Throwback Challenges are special limited-time events in Pokemon GO that let you complete tasks based on different eras and moments in the game's history.

When are Throwback Challenges available?

Throwback Challenges are available for a short time, usually around 1-2 weeks. Pay attention to in-game announcements and the Pokemon GO social media to know when they are live.

What kinds of tasks are there in Throwback Challenges?

Tasks can include catching certain numbers or types of Pokemon, winning raids and battles, evolving specific Pokemon, and more. The tasks fit the theme of the challenge.

How do I get rewards from Throwback Challenges?

Complete all the tasks before the challenge ends to earn rewards like stardust, XP, rare Pokemon encounters, special items, and medals.

Are there any tips for completing Throwback Challenges?

Use powerful Pokemon, stock up on items, fight in raids, and leverage type advantages to boost your progress and complete as many tasks as possible before the event ends.


Throwback Challenges let you relive Pokemon GO's iconic moments while powering up your game. Follow this guide's tips to capitalize on nostalgia and rewards!

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