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What if you could wipe out an entire group of enemies with a single attack? With an electrifying musical theme and powerful AoE damage, Rockstar Cookie brings this exciting offensive playstyle to Cookie Run Kingdom. As a ranged DPS cookie, Rockstar excels at disrupting enemy formations and clearing out multiple opponents at once with their signature move Power Chord. With their unique area damage capabilities, Rockstar Cookie can be a game changer in both PvE and PvP battles, helping swing the tide through their devastating Power Chords.

Appearance and Personality

True to their rock star persona, Rockstar Cookie has spiky purple hair and wields an electric guitar as their weapon. Their backstory tells of a rebellious rocker with a confident attitude. However, Rockstar Cookie still cares deeply about its fans, much like the caring and friendly Snapdragon Cookie.

Skills and Abilities

Rockstar Cookie’s main skill is Power Chord, which unleashes AoE damage in a wide area. The passive skill Amp It Up grants Rockstar an attack buff, while other abilities like Guitar Solo and Encore provide additional effects. Key details include:

  • Power Chord: AoE damage, 16-second cooldown, 330 mana
  • Amp It Up: Attack boost for 8 seconds
  • Guitar Solo: Extra area damage
  • Encore: Resets skill cooldowns

Proper leveling up and promotion boost Rockstar Cookie’s performance. Higher skill levels reduce cooldowns and strengthen attacks.

As a damage dealer, boosting Rockstar Cookie’s offensive capabilities is crucial. The best toppings include:

  • Raspberry - Damage boost
  • Chocolate - Cooldown reduction
  • Almond - Crit chance

Focus on damage, crit, and cooldown reduction substats from toppings. This maximizes Power Chord uptime and damage potential.

Team Composition and Synergies

Rockstar Cookie works well paired with other high DPS cookies like Sea Fairy to overwhelm enemies. Healers and supports like Pure Vanilla and Parfait provide sustainability in drawn-out battles. Front-liners like Hollyberry benefit from Power Chord’s area damage to help disrupt the enemy’s frontline.

RoleGood Cookie Partners
DPSSea Fairy, Sorbet Shark
HealingPure Vanilla, Parfait
FrontlineHollyberry, Strawberry Crepe

Balanced teams with damage, healing, and defense complement Rockstar Cookie’s offensive role.

Strengths and Weaknesses in Battle

With the ability to hit multiple enemies, this boosts high AoE damage potential. Power Chord can wipe out clustered foes and break apart tank formations. However, Rockstar Cookie lacks durability when under fire and has lengthy cooldowns between Power Chord casts. Support is needed to offset these weaknesses in difficult battles.

Uses in PvE and PvP Content

In PvE, Rockstar Cookie shines in boss battles, guild runs, and story modes where mass AoE damage gives an edge. For PvP, they are a staple in Arena and Kingdom Arena teams, while also fitting well into Alliance team compositions centered around Sea Fairy Cookie’s damage. List of more cookie

What type of cookie is Rockstar Cookie?

Rockstar Cookie is a Rare Ambush type cookie that excels at AoE damage.

What is Rockstar Cookie's best topping build?

The best toppings for Rockstar Cookie are Raspberry, Chocolate, and Almond to boost damage, cooldown, and crit.

What role does Rockstar Cookie fill in battle?

Rockstar Cookie is used as a ranged damage dealer that can hit multiple enemies with their skill Power Chord.

Who does Rockstar Cookie pair well with?

Good allies include Pure Vanilla, Parfait, and Hollyberry. Pure Vanilla and Parfait provide healing while Hollyberry tanks hit.

 Is Rockstar Cookie good for PvE or PvP?

Rockstar shines in both PvE and PvP thanks to their AoE damage from Power Chord. They can clear waves of enemies.

How can I get Rockstar Cookie?

Rockstar Cookie can be obtained by opening Cookie Cutters, Rainbow Cubes, or as a random drop from Treasures.

Should I invest in upgrading Rockstar Cookie's skills?

Yes, upgrading their skills improves damage and reduces Power Chord's cooldown for better performance.

What relics work well on Rockstar Cookie?

The Horn and Watch relics are great to reduce Power Chord's cooldown for more frequent attacks.

Is Rockstar Cookie better than other Ambush cookies?

They are one of the best AoE ambush cookies, though single-target ones like Rye may output higher DPS.

What toppings boost Rockstar Cookie's damage the most?

Raspberry toppings give the biggest damage increase. Almonds also help with critical hits.

How does Rockstar Cookie compare to other AoE cookies like Sea Fairy or Rye Cookie?

While Sea Fairy and Rye boast strong AoE abilities as well, Rockstar Cookie's skill Power Chord has one of the largest areas of effect. Their damage output can surpass Rye in multi-target situations. However, Rye has a higher single-target DPS.


With the ability to hit multiple enemies, Rockstar Cookie boasts immense AoE damage potential. While a bit fragile at times, their offensive power can be optimized through cooldown reduction toppings and team compositions tailored to their strengths. Rockstar Cookie is a top choice for both PvE and PvP content. Try out Rockstar Cookie in your own Cookie Run Kingdom team today and see how they can help you win battles through their unmatched Power Chords!

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