Roller coaster at Madrid amusement park already had ‘mechanical problems’ hours before getting stuck

The roller coaster that got stuck vertically with around ten people on board in the Madrid amusement park has already presented problems at the beginning of the afternoon of this Wednesdayaccording to several witnesses.

Gonzalo was present and ensures that a few hours before the incident “they stopped it because there were a series of mechanical problems” and criticizes the fact of leaving it open “to the detriment of the security” of users.

The trapped people remained in a completely upright position in the “Abyss” attraction for more than an hour and those present say they came “to hear cries for help”.

According to what the amusement park reports to laSexta, the events occurred around the closing time of the center, without exceeding it, although eyewitnesses assure that when the park closed, they still had not been rescued.

From the park, they ensure that the situation was under control and they also specify that all attractions are checked daily by operators. Maintenance personnel were in charge of fixing the breakdown, although Madrid firefighters attended the scene. Fortunately, the incident left only a fright to those trapped.

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