Royal Margarine Cookie: The Delicatessen Cookie

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Royal Margarine Cookie is one of the most unique and disruptive rare cookies recently introduced in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Easily recognized by her giant magical mixing spoon, Royal Margarine brings great utility to teams with abilities that displace enemies and empower allies.

As a Charge cookie, Royal Margarine Cookie specializes in disrupting enemy formations by pushing them back, enabling your other cookies to deal increased damage. She also passively buffs herself while providing shields and dispelling debuffs from adjacent allies.

Let's take a deep dive into optimizing Royal Margarine Cookie, from her skills and best toppings to effective team builds and comparisons with similar cookies. Whether you're new to the Cookie Run Kingdom or a seasoned player, this guide will help you master Royal Margarine in PvE and PvP battles.

An In-Depth Look at Royal Margarine Cookie's Abilities

Royal Margarine Cookie's skillset provides a balanced mix of disruptiondamage, and ally utility:

Stir Crazy (Skill)

Royal Margarine Cookie's main skill charges forward, swinging her massive spoon in an arc, and pushing back enemies hit. This interrupts enemy positioning and makes them vulnerable by causing them to take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.

At level 1, Stir Crazy has a cooldown of 13 seconds. This can be reduced through toppings and landmarks.

Royal Margarine Cookie using Stir Crazy
Royal-Margarine-Cookie's level up

Mix Master (Passive)

Royal Margarine Cookie's passive ability Mix Master grants her a stackable attack buff every 7 seconds, up to 5 stacks maximum. Each stack provides a 4% increased attack power.

This ramping damage buff allows Royal Margarine Cookie to become a big damage threat later in battles after building up stacks. At max stacks, she gains a huge 20% attack boost.

Batter Up (Skill)

When Royal Margarine Cookie falls below 30% HP, Batter Up activates for 7 seconds. This puts her into a batter rage, gaining 30% increased attack speed and 20% life steal.

Batter Up gives Royal Margarine a second life in clutch moments, allowing her to overwhelm enemies with rapid attacks while recovering HP with each hit.

Baking Soda (Skill)

Royal Margarine Cookie's utility skill Baking Soda removes all debuffs from the 2 cookies directly behind her and grants them a shield equal to 15% of her max HP for 5 seconds.

Strategically position vulnerable allies behind Royal Margarine to dispel debuffs and protect them with shields during key moments using Baking Soda.

Let's explore the best toppings for optimizing Royal Margarine Cookie's abilities:

Solid Almond or Juicy Apple JellyThese damage-resist toppings should be your first choice for improving Royal Margarine Cookie's tackiness. She needs to stay alive to keep disrupting. Solid Almond is best for PvE due to the consistent damage intake, while Juicy Apple Jelly shines more in PvP against burst comps.
Swift Chocolate or Icing SugarThese cooldown reduction toppings are essential for increasing Royal Margarine's utility by allowing her to use Stir Crazy more frequently. Swift Chocolate is preferred for PvE due to longer battles, while Icing Sugar is better suited for PvP where quick cooldowns dominate.
Searing RaspberryThe Searing Raspberry topping boosts Royal Margarine Cookie's attack, which improves both her damage and her shielding ability for allies. Just be sure to strike a balance between attack and survivability.

Recommended build: 2x Solid Almond, 2x Swift Chocolate, 1x Searing Raspberry

This build focuses on damage resistance and cooldown reduction while also providing a damage boost. Feel free to experiment to find the best build for your playstyle.

Here are some of the best cookies to pair with Royal Margarine Cookie:

Frontline: Hollyberry Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Pairing Royal Margarine Cookie with a dedicated frontline tank like Hollyberry or Crepe allows her to focus on disruption without worrying as much about durability. Their shields and damage resistance complement Royal Margarine's abilities.

Chargers: Dark Choco Cookie, Madeleine Cookie

Grouping Royal Margarine with other charging cookies like Dark Choco and Madeleine allows them to capitalize on her disruption by slamming into enemies she's pushed back. Time their charges after hers for maximum damage.

AOE Damage: Frost Queen Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie

For big damage against displaced enemies, AOE magic legends like Frost Queen and Sea Fairy are Royal Margarine's best friends. Their wide-hitting attacks shred groups of enemies she's disrupted.

Healers: Herb Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie

Keepers like Herb and Pure Vanilla provide sustain so Royal Margarine can stay in the thick of combat disruption. Theirs heals offset the damage she takes while tanking hits.

Example team comps:

  • Royal Margarine, Hollyberry, Frost Queen, Herb, Vampire
  • Royal Margarine, Strawberry Crepe, Sea Fairy, Parfait, Espresso

Before adding Royal Margarine Cookie to your roster, let's examine her strengths and weaknesses:


  • Disruption - Royal Margarine's excellent crowd control through knockbacks and interrupts gives your team an edge. Enemies can't damage you if they're disabled!
  • Ally Buffing - The shields and debuff removal offered by Royal Margarine provide great utility other cookies lack. She indirectly supports allies.
  • Survivability - With sufficient cooldown reduction, Royal Margarine can maintain shields and lifesteal to survive at low HP for extended periods.


  • Damage - Lacking powerful attacks or defense debuffs, Royal Margarine's personal damage is low. She relies on allies to finish enemies off.
  • Susceptibility to Disables - Hard crowd control effects like stuns, petrification, and silence can really cripple Royal Margarine's disruption. Bring Purify treasures to counteract.
  • Cooldown Dependence - Royal Margarine leans heavily on her skills. Excessive cooldowns due to a lack of toppings or treasures severely limit her impact.
  • Reliance on Allies - If paired with allies who lack DPS, Royal Margarine will struggle to actually defeat opponents despite disrupting them. Choose teammates with care.

How does Royal Margarine Cookie compare with other cookies filling similar roles? Let's break it down:

Vs Madeleine Cookie

While both are Charge cookies focused on disruption, Madeleine has greater raw damage output thanks to her AOE nuke. However, Royal Margarine brings more utility through consistent ally buffing. Madeleine is better for bursting down teams quickly, while Royal Margarine enables prolonged battles of attrition.

Vs Dark Choco Cookie

Dark Choco focuses solely on disruption through stunning and defense reduction. Royal Margarine is less disruptive but brings critical utility Dark Choco lacks. If you need more defense shred, go Dark Choco. If you need more buffs/debuffs, choose Royal Margarine. Their skills complement each other well in tandem.

Vs Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe occupies a pure tank role with the best damage resistance in the game. Royal Margarine is far less durable but makes up for it with disruption and ally buffing. Crepe will outlast longer in sustained combat, but Royal Margarine enables your team's damage more. Bring both together for ultimate survivability and utility.

Vs Sea Fairy Cookie

As legendaries, Sea Fairy has unrivaled AOE damage while Royal Margarine dominates at disruption support. In most situations, Sea Fairy's offenses are a better fit - but some strategies may benefit more from Royal Margarine's unique utility. They work great side by side paired with a tank and healer.

Origins and Story of Royal Margarine Cookie

Hailing from the Delicatessen Kingdom, little is known about Royal Margarine Cookie's background. However, legends speak of Royal Margarine emerging in times of crisis, when the realm faced its greatest danger. Her giant mixing spoon in hand, Royal Margarine would fearlessly charge into combat, supporting allies like Rockstar Cookie while beating back all who threatened the Delicatessen Kingdom such as Snapdragon Cookie.

While normally kind, gentle, and soft-spoken, Royal Margarine will become a fierce warrior when defending anything she holds dear. With graceful determination, she bravely faces overwhelming odds without hesitation. Her compassion and courage inspire all who fight beside her.

First sighted in the ancient texts of Cookie Run lore, Royal Margarine has recently materialized to aid the cookie alliance in the age-old battle against the forces of darkness. Though the full extent of her powers remains unknown, all agree that this unique new cookie brings hope of victory in even the darkest hours.

Royal Margarine Cookie arrived July 5th, 2022 in the major Cookie Run Kingdom update "Rise of the Ancients". She is available via the special Margarine Mayhem gacha banner, which has an increased chance of summoning ancient cookie allies.

While not a guaranteed drop, margarine milk, sugar cubes, bread, and butter are recommended for attracting Royal Margarine Cookie from the gacha. As an Epic cookie, Royal Margarine also rarely appears in the Medal Shop for 5000 medals. She can potentially be summoned from the Alliance Gacha as well.

At the time of writing, no promotions have featured Royal Margarine Cookie. However, she may appear in future pools or pickup events. Regularly saving and accumulating mileage tickets maximizes your chances of obtaining her without relying purely on luck.


What is Royal Margarine Cookie's best role in the Cookie Run Kingdom?

Royal Margarine Cookie is best utilized as a disruptor who enables allies. She specializes in displacing enemies and providing buffs/debuffs to teammates.

What are the best toppings for Royal Margarine Cookie?

The recommended toppings for Royal Margarine Cookie are Solid Almond, Swift Chocolate, and Searing Raspberry to balance survivability, cooldown reduction, and damage.

What team compositions work well with Royal Margarine Cookie?

Royal Margarine pairs effectively with frontline tanks, AoE damage dealers, healers, and other charging cookies. She works well enabling allies rather than being the main damage source.

What are Royal Margarine Cookie's strengths and weaknesses?

Royal Margarine has great disruption and utility through knockbacks, buffs, and debuff removal. However, her personal damage is low and she is vulnerable to disables. She relies on allies to defeat enemies.

How do I get Royal Margarine Cookie?

As an Epic cookie, Royal Margarine can be obtained from the Margarine Mayhem Gacha, by purchasing Soulstones in the Medal Shop, or randomly through the Alliance Gacha.

Royal Margarine Cookie's fun, unique design, and mechanics have quickly endeared her to the Cookie Run community. Many players have embraced her role as a disruptor who enables allies rather than directly dealing damage. Fan artists have been inspired to create tons of amazing fan art spotlighting Royal Margarine Cookie as well.

Popular Reddit and Twitter threads have discussed optimal topping builds and team lineups to best utilize her abilities. The consensus seems to be that Royal Margarine shines most on teams lacking disruption and buffs rather than just adding raw damage output. Her ability to enable other cookies is invaluable.

Here are just some of the awesome Royal Margarine Cookie creations from talented Cookie Run fans:

Android Republic
Royal Margarine Cookie toppings

The creativity and love shown for Royal Margarine Cookie is a testament to how much the Cookie Run community appreciates the diverse, strategic playstyle options she brings to the Kingdom. She fills a unique role other cookies do not satisfy quite as well.

Have you unlocked Royal Margarine Cookie yet? If so, what are your thoughts on her abilities and how she stacks up compared to other options? Which allies have you found best complement her disruptive buffing style? Let's discuss more tips and strategies for mastering Royal Margarine Cookie in the comments below!

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