Samsung’s new “repair mode” hides our personal data and photos when sending the mobile to repair

Sending the mobile to repair means leaving all our personal data, photos and videos, in unknown hands, unless we first delete all your data, which is not optimal. As an alternative, Samsung has announced a repair mode which will soon arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S21 in Korea and, we hope, later on in more models and regions.

Samsung repair mode can be activated by the user at any time to protect the privacy of the mobile while it is being repaired. When activated, personal data such as photos, messages, accounts are hidden from the eyes of others or applications other than those pre-installed on the system.

A private way to repair

Unfortunately, we periodically come across news of leaked personal information when taking the mobile to be repaired, since the technical services must have the mobile unlocked to be able to check what works correctly and what does not. The only alternative to repair mobile safely is to delete all your data, which is certainly not optimal.

Samsung will let you repair the mobile on your own: this is its new program with iFixit

Samsung has now announced a middle way: Repair mode, which seems to have been loosely inspired by Android’s safe mode. If safe mode helps you diagnose errors yourself by disabling installed apps, repair mode is used to protect your privacy when sending the mobile to repair.


At the moment this mode is going to be deployed to the Samsung Galaxy S21 in Korea, although it would be logical that it would end up being implemented worldwide later. It is activated from the battery menu of the settings and basically consists of pressing a button. The only option we have before doing it is to choose whether before we want to create a record for technical service or not.

After activating it, the mobile restarts and it is not possible to access personal data such as photos, messages, accounts or third party applications. To exit the repair mode, the mobile’s biometrics must be used and the mobile restarts again, staying as it was. Downloads and settings changes made while the phone is in repair mode are not retained.

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