See the stars, find places to swim and more apps to have a summer of ten

With the arrival of summerholidays and their high temperatures, our habits change and we feel like spending more time outdoors, sunbathing, cooling off in the water or relaxing in the moonlight while we watch the sky, and here our Android device can be of great help.

We’ll see now nine applications that will help you enjoy your summerwith a selection of very practical tools that at this time of year they become even more essential.

Stellarium, to see and recognize the stars


If you are not an expert in astronomy and you want to discover what are the celestial bodies that you are seeing with Stellarium, you can do it. It is one of the best applications to turn your mobile into a star map, where with the use of the device’s sensors and its search engine you will be able to locate stars, constellations, planets, comets and satellites.

Stellarium - Star Map

Stellarium – Star Map

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Wisuki, to see the state of the beaches


If this summer you catch on the coast, with Wisuki you can see the state of the beaches. The application allows you to see the wind, wave, weather and tide forecasts in great detail so as not to take any surprises when you arrive at your destination.



Wikiloc, to find where to bathe


If you want to cool off this summer in the interior of Spain, one of the best applications for find places to swim it is Wikiloc. The app allows you to filter by water activities or search for the term “bathing” to find the routes where you can bathe in the middle of nature.

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation

UV index, to avoid sunburn

UV Index

If you are going to sunbathe to tan your skin and you do not want to burn yourself, in addition to sunscreen, the application UV index will help you know with the current solar radiation index how long you can expose your skin before a sunburn. The application will take into account your skin type to carry out the exposure estimation.

UV index

UV index

Water reminder, to maintain proper hydration

Water Registry

Maintaining good hydration in summer is very important, and to make sure we are drinking enough we can use applications of water reminder that in addition to allowing us to keep track of our hydration, it will remind us from time to time that we have to hydrate.

Water Reminder - Remember to drink water

Water Reminder – Remember to drink water

IQAir AirVisual, to find the sites with the least pollution


If you like to go out and breathe fresh air, or as clean as possible, the application AirVisual will let you know the air quality of your area, so if you notice the air is very charged in your city, you will be able to find out which area you can flee to to spend the day and breathe less polluted air.

IQAir AirVisual |  Air quality

IQAir AirVisual | Air quality

PackPoint, to prepare the suitcase


If you’re going on a trip and you don’t want to forget anything, the application PackPoint will help you prepare suitcase. You select which activities you want to do on your trip and the application will show you a list of the items you may need on your trip.

PackPoint: packing list

PackPoint: packing list

  • Developer: wawwo
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases

Tricount, to divide shared expenses


Lastly, if you are going on a trip with your partner or friends and you want the accounts of the Shared expenses are clear from the first minute you can resort to tricountan application that will control all the expenses, registering what each one has paid and showing the balances with what each person owes to whom.

Tricount - Split expenses and bills between friends

Tricount – Split expenses and bills between friends

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