sharp drop in temperatures to trough on Thursday

The intense heat, which still persists in regions like Malaga, Valencia and Barcelonawhere they spent an equatorial night, their hours are numbered.

Temperatures are expected to remain below 33 degrees this Sunday in virtually all of Spain. In fact, the National Weather Agency heat warnings they have lowered their level, they are not red, except exceptions, but orange.

Although the sky was clear and almost cloudless, a few cumulus clouds formed in north of Catalonia and north of Castellon They can leave thunderstorms during the day on Sunday.

From tomorrow, the last day of the heat wave, thermometers should drop energetically.

Minimum temperatures are expected to continue on Monday, in a large part of the country, below 20 degreesand even below 15 in the regions of Castilla y León.

The maximum, in general, will be below 33 degrees. However, in the Mediterranean the afternoons will continue to exceed 35 degrees and there could be tropical, even equatorial nights.

The decline will continue throughout the week until low Wednesday and Thursdaywith even new records for the time of year.

Regarding the risk of fire on the Peninsula, it continues to be extreme in many areas, to which must be added the wind, which can intensify strongly, especially in the areas of the Ebro.

Precisely, the fire declared in Añón de Moncayo, Zaragoza, continues unchecked and forced the eviction of 1,500 people, as seen in the video below.

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