Silvia Idalia dies, the young woman in a coma after a cosmetic operation, after three months in intensive care

Silvia Idaliathe 34-year-old woman who was hospitalized in an induced coma after undergoing cosmetic surgery three months ago, is dead in the early hours of this Sunday, according to sources from the Hospital de la Paz cited by Efe.

On April 29, the young woman was operated on at the CEME clinic, an operation following which she was discharged, but suffered an infection and had to be hospitalized Days later. The deceased, who lived in Palma, had traveled to Madrid for the intervention.

For its part, a court in the latter city maintains investigated two doctors and at the clinic itself for a possible crime of reckless injury in this case. One of the surgeons was already convicted of negligence in 2011.

The family lawyer and the clinic talk

This Sunday, the family lawyer de Silvia, Mar de La Loma, told Efe she joined in the “dismay and grief” of her boyfriend Daniel and those close to the young woman and claimed that now “more than ever an investigation must be carried out rigorous with the practices of the CEME clinic”.

“Not so much what happened in the operating room but the postoperative ones”, he specified, underlining that there are other victims. “They are too many coincidences with fatal consequences. There must be an investigation they have to pay it“, condemned.

Also in statements to the aforementioned agency, from the clinic they lamented the death of Silvia and recalled the last party report that they transferred to the court. This concludes that “there is no breach of medical lex artis by the health professionals who treated the patient until her transfer to La Paz hospital” and details that the patient has suffered from an infectious complication called Necrotizing fasciitis .

This, according to the report provided by the clinic, is “exceptional” after plastic surgery procedures, and its bacteria “are not nosocomial neither transmitted by the staff or the care environment, but rather by the microbiota (flora) of the patient.

He further points out that “can be difficult to establish in the first few hours or days of her presentation” and emphasizes that after the operation the patient was taken care of by CEME staff in a hospital, “carrying out an exploration of the wounds, taking constants and analytical explorations”. She adds that when “general signs of general (systemic) affectation were transferred to a more complex center”, occurred on May 6, a week after the operation.

Silvia’s ordeal after the intervention

However, the family of the young woman denounces the clinic did not give importance to the symptoms he had in the postoperative period. Silvia’s partner, Daniel Poyato, told laSexta in May that they offered her a “three-in-one” procedure: reducing her breasts, removing the fat and transferring it to her buttocks. However, after the operation, he underwent fever, vomiting and severe pain. In the center – he says – they were told that was “normal”but the young woman suffered from sepsis and ended up in intensive care.

Daniel also said in Más Vale Tarde that Silvia sepsis it was so bad that “the only way to fight it” was to “remove all the necrotic tissue”, so had to undergo several surgeries. “Features a completely mutilated bodyareas where there is no skin or muscle tissue,” he said.

is devoured“, denounced later in junio, cuando la joven llevaba ya más de un mes en coma. “El 30% de su cuerpo está en carne viva”, explained, denounced that “esa infección se podía haber detected a tiempo”. Aunque la joven I manage to wake up from coma a few weeks ago, he finally died this Sunday.

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