Stickers with Personalized Phrases in Gboard: Pay with Play Points and Much More

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Gboard, Google's keyboard app for Android, receives frequent updates that add many new capabilities over time. Recently, several great features have been added to Gboard that make messaging more fun and expressive.

In this guide, we'll cover the latest additions to Gboard including stickers, personalized phrases, using Play Points to purchase items, and more. Whether you text, chat, or email on your Android phone, these new options can enhance your messaging experience.

Overview of New Gboard Features

Here's a quick rundown of some of the newest features that have been added to the Android Gboard app:

  • Stickers - Fun illustrations and animations to spice up chats
  • Personalized phrases - Create custom shortcut phrases to insert
  • Pay with Play Points - Use earned points for Gboard purchases
  • Improved voice typing - Faster and more reliable voice input
  • More emoji mashups - Combine your favorite emoji
  • Gif creation - Turn videos into shareable gifs

Plus plenty more like new themes, languages, and optimizations. Let's look at how to use these great new capabilities.

Using Stickers in Gboard

Stickers are illustrated images and animations you can share in conversations. Gboard now has its own sticker library full of fun characters and scenes.

Find the Sticker Tool

  • In any app where you can enter text, bring up the Gboard
  • Tap the emoji icon in the bottom left
  • The third tab is the Stickers tab

Browse and Share Stickers

  • Scroll through the different sticker categories like Joy, Sadness, Love etc
  • Tap a sticker to preview it
  • Select the send arrow to share the sticker
  • Favorites can be saved for quick access

Stickers are a great way to add some flair to your chats without having to send plain text every time.

Create Personalized Phrases

Gboard allows you to make custom text shortcuts called Personalized phrases. Define your own snippets that get auto-completed with just a few taps.

Set Up a Personalized Phrase

  • Open Gboard Settings > Dictionary > Personal dictionary
  • Tap the + icon to add a new phrase
  • Type the shortcut phrase you want to use
  • Enter the expanded text to auto-complete it with

For example:

  • Phrase: omw
  • Expansion: On my way!

Use Personalized Phrases

Now in any app where you can enter text:

  • Bring up Gboard and type your shortcut phrase
  • Select the phrase when it appears as a suggestion
  • It will expand to the full text you defined

Create shortcuts for your most commonly used phrases to save time messaging!

Pay with Play Points on Gboard

Google Play Points are rewards you earn from purchases and activities on Google services. Gboard now allows you to redeem Play Points for stuff like stickers and themes.

Check Your Play Points Balance

Before purchasing, check how many points you have:

  • Open the Play Store app > Menu > Play Points
  • Your point balance and level will be shown

Earn more points by using Google services, completing surveys, or installing promoted apps.

Use Play Points for Gboard Purchases

To spend points in Gboard:

  • Go to Gboard Settings > Themes or Stickers
  • Tap an item that costs Play Points, like a sticker pack
  • Select Pay with Play Points when prompted

The item will be deducted from your points balance. Use points for fun Gboard personalizations!

Improved Voice Typing in Gboard

Gboard's voice typing capability which transcribes your speech into text has received some nice upgrades recently.

Faster Voice Recognition

  • Tap the microphone icon to start dictating
  • Notice voice transcription starts almost instantly now
  • Recognition is also more accurate than before

Multi-Language Support

  • Go to Gboard Settings > Languages
  • Add languages you want to use for voice typing
  • Switch input languages to dictate in either one

Offline Voice Support

  • Make sure Offline speech recognition is enabled in Settings
  • You can now voice type without an internet connection
  • Transcription happens on-device for greater privacy

Voice typing is a handy Gboard feature for typing hands-free. The improvements make it faster, smarter, and more versatile.

More Emoji Mashups in Gboard

Gboard has a fun feature that lets you combine two emoji into a hybrid "emoji mashup". More combinations have been added.

Find Emoji Mashups

  • Open the emoji keyboard in Gboard
  • Tap the Emoji Kitchen icon near the bottom
  • This shows you available mashups

Create an Emoji Mashup

  • Tap any emoji to select it
  • Then tap a second emoji that can be mixed with the first
  • A hybrid emoji containing elements of both will be created

Experiment to invent crazy new emoji by mashing up your favorites!

Turn Videos into GIFs

You can now instantly turn videos into shareable GIFs right within the Gboard app.

Record a GIF

  • Open Gboard and tap the GIF maker icon
  • Record a short video up to 30 seconds
  • Trim the length if needed

Convert to GIF

  • Once recorded, tap Convert to GIF
  • Adjust speed if desired
  • Save the GIF to your device

Share the GIF

  • Go to the app you want to share it in
  • Select the GIF option on the keyboard
  • Find your converted GIF to share

Easily capture moments on the fly as short looping GIFs.

Other Gboard Enhancements

  • Themes - More ways to customize Gboard's look
  • Sizes - Adjustable keyboard height for one handed use
  • Emoji search - Find specific emoji faster
  • Floating keyboard - Small movable keyboard option
  • Smart replies - Suggested responses in some apps
  • Expressive writer - Converts text into emoji art
  • And much more!

Get the Latest Gboard

To start using all these great new features, make sure you have the latest version of Gboard installed:

  • Open the Play Store app on your Android device
  • Search for "Gboard"
  • If an Update button shows, tap it
  • The app will update to the newest version

Or enable auto-update for Gboard so you always have the most recent features and improvements.


There are lots of fun new ways to message with the additions made to Gboard for Android. Stickers, personalized phrases, Play Point purchases, better voice typing, emoji mashing, and gif creation let you express yourself in creative ways. Keep Gboard updated to enjoy the latest features for faster, more enjoyable texting and typing.

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