The autopsy of Déborah Fernández, the key to discovering where they hid the body

The The lifeless body of Déborah Fernández, a 21-year-old woman from Vigo, was found in a ditch around Portecelo ten days after his disappearance. The investigation team analyzed the keys to the case in a 2019 show that laSexta has just republished.

After more than 20 years of events, the case prescribed. The judge dismissed the latest evidence as the family continues to point fingers at the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, the only one investigated.

Discover where the body was hidden by Déborah Fernández would be the key. “According to the autopsy, on the outside of the left leg, in the knee area, there are pale hook-shaped marks that could be from clothes hangers,” said José Luis Miguel, coroner.

Moreover, the body too pale marks in the armpit area and inside the legs. “The conclusion we can draw is that after death the victim was probably wearing clothing that compressed these areas. […] it would be possible that it was in a closet, a chest, or a trunk”, indicates the coroner.

According to the family’s housekeeper, Deborah eats meatball-stuffed potatoes, white rice and orange juice at home. However, the autopsy reveals that he must have subsequently eaten vegetables.

On the used condom that appeared next to the bodythere is no DNA from Débora, nor from her ex-partner, nor from other people from whom samples were taken.

Six investigative groups went through the case and it was reactivated 15 times. The family did everything to prevent him from prescribing, but in the end, that was not the case.

On the other hand, the research team shows how Déborah Fernández had stayed with her ex-boyfriend the afternoon of his disappearance. Her sister shares how it all happened in the video below.

*The content to which the information refers is part of a 2019 Investigation Team program that laSexta republished this Friday.

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