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MIUI, Xiaomi's popular Android-based OS, frequently rolls out updates adding new features and enhancements. However, sometimes these updates introduce bugs or performance issues. If you are facing problems after updating to the latest MIUI version, rolling back to a previous stable version can resolve many issues.

In this guide, we will explore the best method to safely revert your Xiaomi device to a previous MIUI version.

Understanding When a Rollback is Needed

Before performing an MIUI rollback, it is important to understand why reverting to an older version may be required:

Compatibility problemsNew MIUI updates may cause incompatibility with certain apps and features
Performance degradationThe latest MIUI version can slow down your device or drain battery life
Bugs/stability issuesAn update may introduce new bugs and glitches affecting stability
An update may introduce new bugs and glitches affecting the stabilitySometimes new MIUI versions remove features available in the previous one
If you are facing any of the above problems after an MIUI update, rolling back likely will resolve the issues.

Assessing Risks Before Rolling Back

While rolling back MIUI can fix problems, it does carry some risks:

  • Data loss - Back up important data before rolling back to avoid losing photos, messages, etc.
  • Compatibility - Verify the MIUI version you roll back to is compatible with your Xiaomi device model.
  • Warranty void - MIUI rollback may void the device's warranty according to Xiaomi's policies.
  • Feature loss - Older MIUI versions may lack features available in newer ones.

Finding the Right Previous MIUI Version

The key is identifying the correct previous MIUI version that works best with your Xiaomi device:

  • Check Xiaomi's update logs to find the last stable version before your current problematic update.
  • Browse MIUI forums for feedback on older versions from users of your device model.
  • Avoid versions with many reported bugs or issues.
  • Pick a version that has the features and performance you need.

Backing Up Your Xiaomi Device

Before rollback, backup your device's data and settings:

Personal dataPhotos, videos, files, etc.
ContactsExport to .vcf file
App dataEnable built-in app backup features
Home screen settingsTake screenshots of customized home screens
Backing up ensures you can restore your data if anything goes wrong while rolling back MIUI.

Unlocking the Bootloader (If Required)

Some Xiaomi devices require unlocking the bootloader to install a previous MIUI ROM.

Pro Tip: Unlocking the bootloader allows modifying system software but voids the warranty. Only unlock if absolutely necessary.

If you need to unlock the bootloader, follow these steps:

  1. Enable USB debugging mode in Developer Options.
  2. Use Xiaomi's official tool to unlock the bootloader.
  3. Confirm on-screen warnings and reboot into the unlocked state.

Flashing the Older MIUI Version

Once the backup is completed, you are ready to install the previous MIUI version:

  1. Download the MIUI ROM and copy it to your phone's storage.
  2. Boot into recovery mode and perform a factory reset.
  3. Use the recovery tool menu to locate and flash the MIUI ROM package.
  4. Reboot the device - the older MIUI version will be running!

Flashing the ROM installs the previous MIUI on your device seamlessly.

Verifying Successful Rollback

After flashing MIUI, verify the rollback was successful:

  • Check the MIUI version in Settings to confirm the correct previous version.
  • Test device functionality - camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, calling, etc.
  • Restore backed-up data and check everything is available.
  • Run benchmark tests to compare performance with the previous MIUI version.

If any issues surface, you may need to troubleshoot or revert to a different older version that works better.

Troubleshooting Common Rollback Issues

If you face problems rolling back to an older MIUI version, here are some troubleshooting tips:

BootloopFlash the previous stable MIUI version again
Bricks/unbootableRestore data from backup you took before the rollback
Data lossRestore data from the backup you took before the rollback
Buggy performanceTry a different older stable MIUI version
Troubleshooting Common Rollback Issues.


Will I lose all my data if I roll back MIUI?

As long as you take a full backup before rolling back, you can restore your data like contacts, photos, apps, etc after reverting to the older MIUI version. However, not taking a backup can lead to permanent data loss.

Can I go back to the latest MIUI after rolling back to a previous version?

Yes, if you want to revert to the latest MIUI later, you can perform the OS update again to upgrade back to the newest version.

Will rolling back MIUI downgrade my Android version?

No, rolling back MIUI will not affect the core Android version running on your Xiaomi device. It will only install an older version of Xiaomi's MIUI skin over the same Android base.

Is unlocking the bootloader compulsory for MIUI rollback?

Unlocking the bootloader is only required if you need to flash an MIUI ROM package to roll back. For OTA rollbacks directly from Xiaomi's servers, bootloader unlock is not required.

Will I continue to receive OTA updates after rolling back MIUI?

Yes, after rolling back to an older MIUI version, your device will still get OTA updates from Xiaomi. However, it will only receive updates applicable to that specific older MIUI version.

Can I roll back MIUI if I have a Xiaomi device with a locked bootloader?

Unfortunately, locked bootloader devices cannot be rolled back as you cannot flash previous MIUI ROMs. The only options are OTA rollbacks or resetting to the factory state.

What precautions should I take before rolling back MIUI?

Key precautions include - taking a backup of data, checking compatibility, researching the best stable versions, unlocking the bootloader if required, and following flashing instructions carefully.


Rolling back your MIUI version can breathe new life into your Xiaomi device and fix update-related issues. Follow this guide to safely revert to a previous stable MIUI version after taking necessary backups. With some diligent testing, you should be able to find an older MIUI that gives you the best performance.

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