The chilling Medusa Festival video of a plate hitting a young man

Last Saturday’s dawn ended in tragedy in Cullera (Valencia). The Sunbeach Jellyfish Festival undergone what is calledhot rash‘, which occurs when precipitation falls and evaporates as it passes through a layer of dry air in a warm environment.

In the video that accompanies these lines we see the harshness of the phenomenon, with a moment that has gone viral in recent hours. We see a young man enjoying the night when, in the background, a piece of a previously fallen structure appears. What happens next is pure chaos.

the night ended with 22-year-old dead and more than 40 people injured of different consideration. Several testimonies denounce the chaos in the evacuation of more than 50,000 people what was in the room. “Along with those affected by what happened, we are the main stakeholders to elucidate what happened, respond to those affected and clarify responsibilities, if necessary,” explains the organization of the festival.

At laSexta we were able to speak with Alba and Laura, two of the injuries of the festival. “I couldn’t breathe, really. I thought it was my time, that I couldn’t take it anymore“, says Alba, while Laura, with a broken tibia, has just been discharged from the hospital.

Both have a long convalescence ahead of them and they do not rule out denouncing, since they accuse the organizers of the festival of no one took an interest in his condition neither did they contact them.

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