The government is finalizing the “energy savings plan” which will be implemented in the “coming weeks”

Pedro Sánchez said the government is finalizing an “energy saving plan” reduce the gas consumption required by Brussels that it will be approved “soon” and that it will begin to be applied “in the coming weeks”. As indicated during a press conference in Warsaw with his Polish counterpart, Mateusz Morawiecki, after the XIV bilateral summit, the executive will announce the plan in the coming days “so that Spanish society can participate in the economy and the energy efficiency that we are going to have to implement over the next few months”.

“Spain is a united and responsible country and we will do everything on our side so that Europe is not the energy hostage of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin”, he added. In this regard, the President underlined that Spain would help the European partners hardest hit by possible Russian gas cuts after recalling that 30% of EU regasification was in Spain, and underlined that the country transferred to the European Commission that it is keen to increase its solidarity and its export capacity.

An opportunity, he added, for our country become a liquefied natural gas hub. “Spain has the possibility of becoming a liquefied natural gas ‘hub’ to be able to export and be an alternative to Russian gas for many countries in the European Union,” the chief executive said. Something that clarified that it will be done protecting social welfare and economic growth in a complex moment and avoiding measures that penalize industry and Spanish families.

In an interview with Al Rojo Vivo, the Third Vice-President and Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, insisted that there will be no limitation on access to energy. In this sense, he explained that the agreement reached with Brussels to save 7% of total gas consumption will result in “voluntary” and in no case “compulsory” consumption reductions in our country. An extreme that distances the estimates of experts such as the Professor of Economics José María O’Keanwhich evoked the possibility for the Spaniards of having to adapt to possible cuts in energy supply, such as limiting the hours of heating per day or forcing companies to reduce their consumption.

However, the government has stressed that it intends to respect this 7% reduction in gas consumption, even if these measures they will suppose an “effort” more than a “sacrifice”by linking them to these small consumption habits that we can do to achieve energy savings.

As the Minister pointed out, the most important request will be that we are “particularly careful”, which will have an impact on Spanish homes. Thus, regulate the temperature of the house, do not open the taps in the hot water position To not start the boiler like that, consider changing it to an electric one, avoiding the oven or using a pressure cooker to cook can help us achieve our goals.

Emphasis is also placed on industry, a major consumer of gas. They will seek to replace gas with renewables, encourage gas reduction and it will also be important to control consumption in public buildings.

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