The hard-hitting analysis of Gabi Sanz

With an eye on rising prices, the Sexta Noche analyze the economic situation and the role that inflation plays.

“I am happy to have listened to Vice President Calviño and the government in general a some change of speech because it’s not about being pessimistic, but realistic,” says Vozpópuli journalist Gabi Sanz.

The journalist specifies that “he would have a narcotic effect say that in Spain we are doing wonderfully well because it is not true”.

“It’s true that we have pretty good employment figures, we’re breaking employment records. It’s also true that Spain continues to growNot to a great extent, but does it anyway. However, there is a huge cloud called inflation, which is the tax on the poor, according to economists,” he adds.

In this sense, Gabi Sanz regrets that families are getting poorer: “We suddenly lose purchasing power and if we don’t take that into account, we will have a bubble, narcotic effect. We are in summer, we are spending, but there will be enough.”

On the other hand, Fernando Alarcón, director of El Orden Mundial, points out that “cereal prices, after rising for months, are fallingjust as “oil has stabilized”. He also points out that “the United States, which is entering a technical recession, continues to create jobs”.

In this situation, Alarcón maintains that “we come from a trend in which Europe was doing well and nothing happened”, but now “we find ourselves in a situation affected by what is happening outside our borderswhich is quite complicated: the war in Ukraine, Taiwan, China and climate change”.

“I don’t know to what extent this is an exception to the norm and we will return to the path of some prosperity and tranquility, or we have to adapt to a world that will be much more convulsivewhich will not be the same as in previous decades,” says Fernando Alarcón.

On the other hand, Antonio Maestre criticizes Calviño in the Sexta Noche: “It seeks to prepare the public to assume that wages will not rise with inflationYou can watch the moment in the video below.

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