the heartbreaking tale of two of the injuries at the Medusa Festival

Alba and Laura were enjoying their first festival at Cullera’s Medusa when collapsed entrance structure on them and they were trapped. “Suddenly we were already on the ground with all the iron on top,” says Laura. “I couldn’t breathe, truth is I thought it was my timeI couldn’t take it anymore,” Alba recalled.

Laura tells how some boys finally managed to lift the iron that held her and took her in their arms. “couldn’t walk“, explains the young woman, who has just been released but who has the broken tibia. “I can’t move, I can’t go to the bathroom, I have to lie down all day,” she says.

Alba, on the other hand, continues hospitalized, with a broken sternum and vertebra, and thus recounts the moments of anguish he experienced after the crash: “I couldn’t shout ‘help’ or whatever, I heard my friends screaming my name…”.

Both have a long recovery ahead of them. They do not rule out denouncing and they also blame the festival organizers for no one took an interest in his condition neither did they contact them.

Meanwhile, two other people are still hospitalized. In total, the disaster leaves 40 injured and one dead, a young man of 22 years. For their part, the organizers They insist it was an accident and they complied with all regulations.

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