The holidays of Iñaki Urdangarin and his new companion on a nudist beach in the south of France

The ex-husband of the Infanta Cristina and former Duke of Palma, Inaki Urdangarin, was captured on a nudist beach in the south of France with his new companion, Ainhoa. This is how the expert journalists of Casa Real put it forward in the Sexta Noche Consuelo Font and Rosa Villacastin.

Urdangarin reappears after passing a few days in Formentera with his children and to deny the rumors which evoked a possible rupture with Ainhoa, the former colleague of the law firm with whom he started a relationship during his prison permits. You can listen to the analysis in this video.

Letizia wants her daughters “to be different from the infantas Cristina and Elena”

The vacation of the current royal family they are a far cry from what they were when King Juan Carlos spent them with his family in Mallorca. Different attitudes with which Felipe VI seeks to distance himself from the figure of the King Emeritus, as shown in the Sexta Noche Rosa Villacastín.

Regarding the activities of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía during their holidays, the journalist points out that they are not going “for a walk” and adds: “It’s Letizia, she wants her daughters to go to cultural centers and that they are very different from what the infantas Cristina and Elena were”.

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