the ingredients of Vivo’s new fast charge

The fast charge is about to be instantaneous, at least when it comes to Vivo’s new trailer: with its new 200W system The manufacturer can fully recharge the battery of its latest mobile, the iQOO 10 Pro, in just ten minutes. For now, this hyper-fast cargo will remain in China.

With the speeds achieved by today’s most powerful mobiles, not only does the current flow so quickly: battery discharge also occurs at a high rate. And it happens the same way on the contrary: manufacturers are doing everything to make fast charging really fast. If half an hour to fill a battery was already impressive, imagine if that time was reduced to ten minutes.

Record speed, power of capital

Iqoo 10 Pro

The iQOO 10 Pro charging

As reported by Vivo, the manufacturer is the first to offer fast charging at 200 W in a commercial mobile. The phone in question is part of the iQOO brand, which specializes in phones video game and this is only found in Asia. The iQOO 10 Pro, as the device is called, starts with jaw-dropping numbers all the way through its feature array.

Leaving aside the phone, which will not leave China, the most striking thing is the aforementioned 200W fast charge. Xiaomi already presented something similar in 2021, but it has not yet been included in commercial sludge. Vivo stole the show with its iQOO 10 Pro.

As detailed by Vivo, fast charging included in the latest phone can boost your battery from 0 to 100% in ten minutes. Its included charger delivers 200W of power, keeps the phone and charger safe and stable, and includes a charging chip that manages power transfer to optimize times based on capacity.

The iQOO 10 Pro which launches the technology includes a dual 4,700 mAh battery (each of the batteries offers 2,350 mAh). The 200W charger has a 10V 10A output; which allows the charge pump to manage the flow to recharge the two batteries simultaneously and in record time. Vivo refers to the inclusion of a mini charging adapter of gallium nitride (GaN).

Load 200W

The mobile will remain far from our borders, since it will not leave China. Even so, Vivo will surely transfer its 200W ultra-fast charging technology to its international mobiles: It would not be surprising if the next generation X displays such speeds. We’ll see if they really get the numbers promised by the brand.

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