The key by which the Civil Guard believes that the body of Esther López was transferred: the position

Más Vale Tarde had exclusive access to the report of the Civil Guard on the case of Esther López which, on the one hand, indicates that she was not crushed in the place where the young woman from Traspinedo (Valladolid) was found and, on the other hand, reduces the seat of her friend Óscar, the main suspect.

According to the quoted report, 89 pages, the position does not obey the position that a body would adopt after being crushed. He has a very measured and studied position, so the event did not occur where the body was found.

Also, as seen in the video, in the body of the young woman from Valladolid they found remains of earth and stones that don’t match where it was found. Also in his clothes are groovesproof that she was dragged after his death.

The report points to Oscar’s car

The Benemérita detailed report states that Esther López’s injuries occurred at a height of 77cm on her leg. The bumps on Óscar’s car, the main suspect, are 80 cm apart: exactly the height of the young woman’s injuries plus the three cm heel.

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