The long-awaited new Blackberry goes out again, forever?

There was a time when cell phones weren’t all screens, far from it, and not because their edges were very thick, but because they had physical keyboards, which took up a lot of them. The most popular were undoubtedly the Blackberry, mobile phones that became very popular thanks to their centralized message center, which practically became a secure communication standard for thousands of companies around the world. Blackberry has been coming and going for a decade, with several resurrections, which have never borne fruit. Something that now translates to the definitive end of the brand and its various incarnations, as confirmed again now.

New project that ends in fiasco

That’s what we know now, that the legendary brand’s latest relaunch project, or rather its devices with a physical keyboard, has just thrown in the towel. Again, another company had obtained the licenses to be able to manufacture a device under the brand Blackberry, and promised to breathe new life into the brand, but nothing could be further from the truth. After the step of the Chinese firm TCLwhich had launched several models under the Blackberry brand in recent years, another startup, the firm OnwardMobilityhad taken over to launch a new generation of these keypad phones.

BlackBerry Key One | Blackberry

Now we know thanks to a specialized medium in the BlackBerry ecosystem, that the the plan to create a new Blackberry would have been canceled. This means that the last hope of seeing a new smartphone with a physical keyboard would have been definitively ruined. And it is that for this information and others that have been known in parallel, it seems that Blackberry would have refrained from licensing its brand to onwardMobility. This does not mean that the device that was going to be launched will not reach the market, but rather that it could do so without the Blackberry brand and logo in between.

This means that the umpteenth attempt to revive Blackberry seems will not take place, and that everything suggests that it will be more and more difficult, if not impossible, to witness a return, at least successful, of the brand on the smartphone market. In addition, we learned a few weeks ago that the legendary Blackberry OS would cease to be operational at the beginning of 2022, which is one more nail in the commercial coffin that this company and its entire environment have become. The reality is that Blackberry’s business today is based on enterprise software, where it still enjoys a high reputation.

But at the material level, perhaps the best thing would be to accept once and for all that The Blackberry era as we knew it a few years agowhen he reigned alongside Nokia, happened, and that this type of device no longer has a place on the market, since demand is very low, if not zero. The sooner we admit it, the less disappointment we will have.

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