The mysterious scene where the body of Déborah Fernández appeared next to a condom and a rope

While more than 20 years have passed since the death of Déborah Fernández, -the young woman who went for a run, disappeared and a few days later they found her body-, the case prescribed. The judge rejected the latest evidence. For its part, the family continues to point the finger at the ex-boyfriend, the only one investigated.

The investigation team has reconstructed the place where they found the body by Déborah Fernández in a 2019 show that laSexta is rebroadcasting this Friday.

In May 2002, a chilling discovery broke the calm of the Rías Baixas: in a ditch in Portocelo They discover the body of a woman. It was Déborah Fernández, a 21-year-old Vigo girl who had disappeared ten days earlier.

The mystery of the first case it is the place where the body appears. Francisco Pérez, a criminologist, analyzes the scene: “The distance between the body and the road is around 2.70 meters. The victim appears completely naked, without any sort of sign, earrings, jewelry, nothing. It is adequately covered. Most of the branches cover her pubis and her breasts, which speaks to us of a certain pampering. Also, she wasn’t abused at all, she wasn’t kicked, she hadn’t been handcuffed, she didn’t have any kind of mark, from You would think that the person who had her left here knew her, or had a special appreciation for her and surely we are faced with a position of amendment”.

As the criminologist explains, “a posture of amendment is that adopted by the criminal when he he’s sorry for what he did“.

Given the option that it was a single person who placed the body, Francisco Pérez argues that if so, there is rarely any sign of drag. For what “the body was picked up, hoisted and set down so we could see it” because “they wanted us to find it”.

Next to the body was found a conservative which was partially unwrapped and placed in a handkerchief so it wouldn’t fly away. They also found a 1.40 meter rope under Déborah Fernández’s head.

On the other hand, the investigation team gathered the words of the commissioner who took charge of the case, who indicated that the body had been “placed”, placed with “care” and that where it was found made no sense. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content to which the information refers is part of a 2019 program that laSexta will rebroadcast this Friday.

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