The ordeal of Miryam Benedited after being a member of the Benidorm Fest jury which chose Chanel for Eurovision

A deluge of attacks and threats is what choreographer Miryam Benedited received after being a jury at Benidorm Bestas he recalled in an April Investigative Team show that laSexta is airing again this Friday.

“I’m going to Benidorm Fest with four companions. We are asked to vote freely and from there an incredible anger is unleashed because our criteria do not coincide with those of the public. It seems that we have committed a crime, a murder, or a rape”, he denounces.

Some of the messages that have been read on social media against her are despicable attacks: “Why don’t you say what we all know, that the corrupt and brazen Miryam Benedited has personal and professional interests in the winner Chanel […] How much more you try to launder a ‘tongofest’the more one thinks of Miryam Benedited surrounded by money”.

“We found ourselves at Benidorm Fest and suddenly we found an avalanche of insults, hate messages and death threats. Your body is spinning,” recalls the choreographer.

“You’re walking down the street, you come across gene and you feel that maybe it was the people who had written to me, who had insulted me. Your paranoia starts in your head, I had never experienced agoraphobia, which cannot be in an open space. You don’t know if all these threats and everything they told you is going to come true,” laments Benedited, who admits having had an anxiety attack.

Among the messages he has received are those threatening to attack his children: “Not for you, We’ll go where it can hurt you the most, for your children. We know very well where to locate them […] Get out, bitch, die, daughter of the big whore. I hope you, your kids and your whole family die of cancer, bitch. You unfaithful son of a bitch, die. I’m gonna take your son’s life, I know where you motherfuckers and your lover Chanel live.”

On the other hand, the research team also shows the attacks that the program and Glòria Serra receive each week: “Smells like fermented cat shit; step aside, lady”. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content the information refers to is part of an April Investigative Team show that laSexta is rebroadcasting this Friday.

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