the remark of a kid who surprises Thais Villas in the course of an interview

What’s a retreat? That is the (sophisticated) query that Thais Villas asks two youngsters, Manuel and Gemma, in El Intermedio, the place he explains that it’s “a wage that we give to retirees”. “They instructed me that it rolls, that is it”confirms Manuel, who defines the journalist’s clarification as follows: “That Roll You Simply Dropped”.

“Are you telling me that what I am explaining to you takes a very long time?” asks a stunned Thais Villas. “No, I am saying they instructed me so”, replies Manuel, who admits on the finish of the interview that the questionnaire was straightforward for him. “however very lengthy”, however not more than a math class. You possibly can see the humorous second and the presenter’s response within the video that illustrates these strains.

Kids inform Thais Villas about their grandparents

Thais Villas asks girls and boys about their grandparents: are they paid? Do they cook dinner higher than their mother and father? Do you may have a favorite? You possibly can see their hilarious (and typically shocking) responses on this video from The Intermediate:

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