The small tweak in Android folders that improves its customization to the extreme

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Android allows for deep customization options to make your device feel unique. But one often overlooked hack can take your custom Android experience to the next level - adding custom icons for your app folders.

This simple tweak unlocks a treasure chest of customization benefits. Read on to learn how folder icon customization can transform your Android's look and feel.

Benefits of Custom Folder Icons for Android

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Custom folder icons provide both visual and functional improvements:

Visual Customization

  • Cohesive aesthetics - Icons can match your wallpaper and theme for a slick, uniform look.
  • Personality - Custom icons set your device apart with your own visual style.
  • Artistic expression - Get creative and design your own folder icons!

Enhanced Functionality

  • Organization - Icons categorize folders based on usage, like a camera icon for photography apps.
  • Convenience - Identify folders faster than reading text names.
  • Uniqueness - Stand out from default Android folder designs.

How to Add Custom Icons to Your Folders

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Adding custom folder icons only takes a few easy steps:

Step 1: Get a Custom Launcher

Download an Android launcher from the Play Store that supports icon packs, such like:

  • Nova Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • Apex Launcher

Step 2: Find an Icon Pack

Search the Play Store for icon packs with designs you like. Popular options:

  • Linebit
  • CandyCons
  • Pixel Perfect

Step 3: Apply the Icon Pack

Open your launcher's settings > Look & Feel > Icon Pack

Select your downloaded icon pack.

Step 4: Customize Folder Icons

Long press on a folder > Edit > Tap the icon

Pick an icon from the pack > Save

Repeat for other folders!

Creative Folder Icon Ideas

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Here are some icon ideas to represent common app categories:

FolderIcon Ideas
MusicNote, headphone, vinyl
Social MediaSpeech bubbles, groups
PhotosCamera, film
EntertainmentTickets, popcorn, clapperboard
FinancePiggy bank, coins, dollar
ProductivityCalendar, checklist, graph
WeatherSun, raindrops, clouds
ToolsToolbox, rulers, nuts & bolts
ReadingBook, newspaper, e-reader

With this simple folder icon hack, you can customize your Android's look and feel in minutes. A few taps give you a home screen tailored just for you. Unlock the full artistic potential of your device with custom folder icons!

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