the TNT platform adds seven thematic channels for free

New jump in Tivify’s free catalog with thematic channels that offer films and series throughout the day. Seven Run: Time warps with content divided by themes to appeal to lovers of comedy, horror or classic cinema. These new streams are included in all Tivify plans, including the 100% Free TV plan.

It’s not that mobile phones lack free audiovisual content, but adding all the streaming apps we could watch hundreds of channels from the smartphone screen. Or from the tablet panel, from Android TV… through apps like Tivify; which guarantee a flood of movies, series, programs, news or documentaries on almost any device. And it adds new channels from time to time.

Seven Run:Time channels with 24 hours of movies and series

Boosting new channels

The Run:Time streaming platform distributes its streaming content in Spain under your own Android TV app and website. After including some of its channels in services such as pluto tv, Run:Time lands on Tivify with all its artillery. Which is a lot: according to Run:Time itself, the platform currently has over 5,000 licensed titles for worldwide distribution.

With the inclusion of Run:Time’s seven channels, Tivify is expanding its stream catalog with more fictional content. In concrete terms, the programs are divided into seven thematic channels:

  • Execute: temporal action.
  • Run: Time Comedy.
  • Run: Temporal Thriller.
  • Run: Time Terror.
  • Run: Time Crime.
  • Run: Time Romance.
  • Run: Time Classics.

The new broadcasts are now available to all Tivify users, whether they have a paid (Plus and Premium) or free (Free) account. New channels broadcast all day, allow playback to pause, skip to start, and not much else: Run:Time does not allow you to save shows to access them at another time, also does not have access to the last seven days issued. And they have ads, even for paid accounts.

If you are not yet a Tivify subscriber, you can create an account on the service page. Currently, Tivify offers over 140 free channels, 11 premium channels and advanced services; such as saving content and accessing the last seven days of airing (not on all channels).

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