The war between Google and Sonos rages on and now even wireless charging is a problem

Sonos has been in the audio world for enough years to have enough patents to protect its own products, and it was precisely one of these patents that caused the current war against Google. A war that, at least publicly, they started from Sonos as a result of the operation of the Google Home.

Sonos won the first match and that forced Google to change the way your Google Homes connect to each other. But Google has now launched a counterattack and has filed a lawsuit against Sonos for infringement of no less than seven patents. And one of them has to do with the wireless charging system of the Sonos Roam speakers.

Episode 5: Google Strikes Back

As we have said, Sonos sued Google for infringement of one of its patents as a result of the system used by the Google Home to connect with each other and coordinate in teams of multiple devices. The company won the dispute and that forced Google to devise a new system, already deployed, which did not prevent the experience of using the Nest division’s speakers from getting worse.

Now it is Google that takes the initiative and has confirmed to The Verge that it has filed two lawsuits against Sonos. Google claims that Sonos is infringing on seven of its patents with its smart speakers. Patents that are infringed both in how to detect speech in presence of groups of speakers as in regards to fast charging your Sonos Roam.

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The patents related to voice detection have to do with the system that Sonos uses to detect the keyword or wake word when there is a speaker system. In that case, the system detects the keyword and must decide which of the connected speakers is responsible for fulfilling the user’s request. Google claims that the system infringes several of its patents.

It is curious that two companies that had apparently good relations like Google and Sonos, and the latter has supported the expansion of Google Assistant from its origins, are now locked in these lawsuits and against lawsuits in court. “Sonos started an aggressive and misleading campaign against our products, at the expense of our shared customers“, they say from a Google that is now carrying out its particular revenge.

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