The woman who died in the illegal Zamora rave had “a heart condition”

The woman killed at illegal party held this weekend in Zamora suffered “certain cardiac pathologies”as indicated on Tuesday by the deputy government delegate, Ángel Blanco, who clarified that the toilets they found no “signs of violence” in the body of the young Swiss of 32 years.

However, Blanco pointed out that, in any case, it is advisable to wait for the autopsy to confirm the causes exact death on Monday of this woman, one of the 2,500 people who attended the weekend at the undisclosed rave in the dry zone of the Almendra reservoir, in the area of ​​the ancient city of Zamorano d’Argusino. An illegal event that is already dissolving right now.

According to early research, the rave was convened through the networks like Telegram and Whatsapp and has attracted people from countries like France, Italy or Belgium. Some of the participants came from another festival that had taken place in Portugal a few days before.

On the other hand, the government deputy explained that since Friday the access of vehicles to the area is prohibited, although it was decided not to dissolve the rave for the sake of “balance” and to avoid problems worse than those generated by the party itself, citing the risk of fires in the area.

Likewise, Blanco confirmed that several breeders in the region suffered damage on their fences and had some problems accessing their animals, although the latter problem “was quickly resolved”.

Two arrests and 200 complaints

During his appearance, the sub-delegate praised the work of the Civil Guard, which has arrested two people for alleged crimes against public health and filed more than 200 complaints for questions of trafficking, possession of narcotics or possession of bladed weapons.

Moreover, the Meritorious continues investigating who organized this party – whose images you can see below – to proceed with the corresponding sanctions.

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