“There are very important stories that need to be told”

Sandra Sabatés invited Woman to be an icon of resistance to machismo. War journalist Clarissa Ward, journalist for the American channel CNN, i just came back from ukraineand told for El Intermedio the horror of a place at war.

In addition, he explained what are the fundamental factors to be able to enter an international conflict as a journalist: “You must be a person who adapts to different situations, live experiences outside your comfort zone. You have to have a very open mind. But the most important thing is that you have to have a genuine enthusiasm to learn from others and give voice to their stories.”

Likewise, the journalist wanted to send a message to those who do not understand that she is risking her life to tell the story: “The first thing I want to tell you is that safety is the most important to me. But sometimes the best, most moving stories are in the most dangerous places.. You have to strike a balance between risk and reward.”

Clarissa Ward tells how she was sexually harassed by Gaddafi’s son

Clarissa Ward explains in this other interview excerpt of ‘The woman had to be’ the most difficult part of her work in sexist countries: “I felt vulnerable to possible sexual assault”.

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