These 11 vivo mobiles will be updated to Android 12

vivo wants to succeed in Europe and does not want to do it only with quality smartphones at contained prices, because now from China they confirm that all their mobiles officially sold in Europe will receive Android 12.

It’s been two years since Vivo showed up in Europe with some great ideas for success in the smartphone marketalso having all the design, manufacturing and distribution potential of a Chinese giant who not only wants to do things right in terms of hardware, but also also with the software section of your devices and support for updates.

Not in vain, like the companions of The free Android apparently a few hours ago Vivo plans include updating all mobiles on sale in Spain as in the rest of the European markets, without any reservations and bringing Android 12 to the most advanced smartphones premium as well as paid and affordable ones.

Vivo X60 Pro

The attractive vivo X60 Pro, currently the ‘flagship phone’ in Europe from the manufacturer from Dongguan.

The movement is appreciated, we had already done it with Nokia at the time, so this time we could not miss the opportunity to rent strategy live and tell you that indeed, the Dongguan manufacturer fits one of the best after-sales service of the entire Android platform, as well as that of a Samsung that offers more years of updates than Google itself.

But not only, and the big surprise is that some of the most representative vivo terminals won’t have to wait not even a day more, since the manufacturer has already released the update packages to Android 12 for two of its smartphones.

Do you want to know what these mobiles are? Well, follow us below and we’ll tell you all the details…

Live update to OriginOS Ocean: these are the 47 phones that will soon be updated

How is the live update to Android 12 going and when will it arrive on our mobiles?

It’s important to break this point down first, and it’s important because I live in Europe a customization known as FunTouch OS and much more similar to Android PureGoogle that we all love, while in China their smartphones arrived seasoned with an Origin OS closer to the iOS and MIUI experience you love so much in your home country.

The truth is that Origin OS Ocean had already been presented in China at the end of 2021 with the intention of reaching no less than 47 devices during this course, constituting a more colorful and customizable interfacefocused on widgets and ease of use, which now he also comes to Europe optional to standardize the live experience.

Origin OS

OriginOS, the personalization layer of Vivo in China, extends its novelties to Android 12.

Respect to road map of updates, you should know that The first phones to get their dose of Android will be the vivo X60 Pro and vivo V21 5G, They should be updated now.

The sequel will be vivo Y21, vivo Y52 5G and vivo Y72 5Gwhich will be updated during this same month of Februaryleaving for the month of April to vivo Y11s, vivo Y20s, Y21s, vivo Y33s and vivo Y70in addition to the Vivo X51 5G what was your first smartphone flagship in our markets.

Without a doubt good news that vivo fans and users will appreciatethat at least they can be sure that the manufacturer of their mobiles is committed to after-sales service and will not abandon them at the first opportunity… Do you have a live? Have you received Android 12 yet?

The best vivo mobiles you can buy

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