These are the first series arriving from August 15 to 21

Hulka, Masters of the Universethe fighters of tekkenthe cups of Cupheadthe lovely Deepa and Anoop… The week is loaded with series based on fictional characters but there are also a few titles from comedy, fantasy, thriller, paranormal horror, action… 13 titles in total to head into the latter part of August where we will already begin to enjoy many of the most anticipated titles of the year. But it will be in 7 days. At the moment, and to whet your appetite, the series arriving this week are not bad at all.


‘Deepa and Annop’ – Monday 15

The little ones are about to discover a fantastic world with Deepa and her friend the elephant who changes color. The protagonist is a cheerful girl who composes songs, causes smiles and gets into trouble in her Indian family’s Mango Mansion.

These are the first series arriving from August 15 to

“Where There Was Fire” – Wednesday the 17th

A fire station becomes the epicenter of this Mexican revenge soap opera in which Poncho seeks justice for the murder of his brother Daniel. To search for answers, the protagonist joins the fire brigade and there he will also find romance, family and danger.

Iván Amozurrutia plays in

‘Tekken: Lineage’ – Thursday the 18th

The first animated series of the 3D fighting video game that holds the world record for “longest video game plot” is coming. The fiction follows Jin Kazama, of the Mishima family, who learned traditional Kazama-style martial arts from his mother. However, he couldn’t do anything against the evil that destroyed his whole life forever. Frustrated and angry, the protagonist takes revenge and in his quest for absolute power to exact revenge will end in the final battle of the King of Iron Fist Tournament. .

'Tekken: Lineage' is the first animated series of the famous video game

‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ (T3) – Thursday the 18th

It’s up to He-Man and his brave team of rookie heroes to stop Skeletor and bring peace to the planet. With both sides in possession of enchanted weapons that make them masters of the primordial powers of the universe, a battle between masters and masters of darkness ignites; between Musclor and Skeletor. The fate of Eternia, Castle Grayskull, and all of us hangs in the balance! In the end, who will become the Master of the Universe?

Netflix launches the third season of

‘Duality’ – Friday the 19th

This new thriller focuses on the complicated story of twins Leni and Gina, who, in addition to their relationship, have a dangerous secret. During their existence, lives were exchanged, resulting in a double adult life, with two houses, two husbands and a son. But the perfect choreography that rules their world is thrown into chaos when one of the sisters goes missing.

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‘The Cuphead Series’ (T2) – Friday the 19th

This series based on the most popular and complicated indie video game of recent years is back. Let’s live new adventures with the loveable and impulsive rogue Cuphead and his cautious and impressionable brother Mugman. As they explore their surreal homeland, the Tintero Islands, they seek out fun and adventure and look out for each other. The only conflicts appear when it is time to share the last cookie.

'Cuphead' is a retro-style anime series suitable for nostalgic cartoons

‘Soul’ – Friday the 19th

This new original Spanish series is a supernatural thriller created by Sergio G. Sánchez that follows a group of young people affected by a terrible bus accident in which almost all of their classmates die. Specifically, the series focuses on Alma, one of the protagonists and survivor of the accident from which she wakes up with amnesia. His attempt to regain his memories and find out what happened during the accident will lead him into the supernatural world.

Netflix unveils the poster for Alma, the series which will be released on August 19

‘Kleo’ – Friday the 19th

The story of this action and revenge series has its origins in 1987, when Kleo, an East German spy, is betrayed by her family after having liquidated a businessman in West Berlin for the account of a secret Stasi commando. After spending two years in prison, Kleo is released with the fall of the Berlin Wall. But he soon realizes that the plot against him is much more complex than he thought, and that a sinister red suitcase is the key to the case. Kleo embarks on a spiral of revenge that takes him through anarchic Berlin from improvised electronic music clubs to Mallorcan country estates and the Chilean Atacama desert, while West Berlin policeman Sven is on his heels.

Jella Haase is the protagonist of 'Kleo'


‘M. In-between’ – Wednesday 17

This Aussie comedy comes to Disney+ starring Ray Shoesmith, a deadpan hitman who combines his dangerous business while trying to support his friends, his responsibilities as Brittany’s father and his love life with girlfriend Ally. He must also maintain his relationship with his ex-wife and mother of his daughter and take care of his sick brother Bruce. Maintaining the balance will not be easy.

'M.  Between'

‘She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka’ – Thursday the 18th

The new Marvel Studios series shows Jennifer Walters, an ordinary lawyer, dealing with the typical issues of a single 30-something in addition to those of becoming a two-meter green She-Hulk. But she is not alone. His cousin Bruce Banner, the original Hulk, and other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will parade through the series to give him a cable. Among them, one of the most notorious returns: that of the Man without Fear.

Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk


‘The Surfside Girls’ – Friday the 19th

Based on the best-selling graphic novel series of the same name by the author Kim Dwinellthe series follows best friends Sam and Jade, who solve supernatural mysteries in his quiet California beach town. “The Surfside Girls” must combine their opposing forces of imagination and logic to solve the seemingly supernatural mysteries that lurk just below the surface of their town.

‘Sisters to Death’ – Friday the 19th

new comedy from Sharon Horgan (‘Catastrophe’, ‘Shining Vale’). A delicious combination of black comedy and suspense located on the coast of Ireland. This new 10-episode series follows the lives of the Garvey sisters, bound together by the untimely death of their parents and the promise to always protect each other.

They are the protagonists of 'Sisters to Death'.


‘Traces’ (T2) – Tuesday 16

A series of deadly attacks upend the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science and Anatomy, as Emma and Daniel seek to shape their relationship.

The 2nd season of 'Traces' has arrived.

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