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Android 13 is just around the corner and manufacturers need to start testing their own layers based on this version of Android in order to release the update as soon as possible. A) Yes, OPPO, Realme and OnePlus have already announced their beta program for some of their models.

The Realme GT 2 Pro, OPPO Find X5, OPPO Find X5 Pro, OPPO Find N and OnePlus 10 Pro they’ll be the first to get their dose of Android 13 in this early access trial. If your model is not one of them, do not despair, it is very likely that with the official launch of Android 13 the beta program will expand.

Realme Android 13 Beta


real me announced its beta program of Android 13 in early access for one modelthe Realme GT 2 Pro. The beta program has limited places that will be expanded daily, but the good news is that checking if it’s available for you and signing up is really easy.

Main differences between Android 12 and Android 13: here's what will change on your mobile during the update

To register for this beta, you need to go to mobile settings and access the device information section. Here, tap the OS version, above, then use the menu to enter trial versions. If available for your mobile, the button will appear to register for this early access, accepting certain terms of use.

OnePlus Android 13 Beta

OnePlus introduced us to OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13 a few days ago and the company was quick to offer the same, in trial form, for the previous generation. The OnePlus Android 13 beta program is coming right now on one of his laptopsthe OnePlus 10 Pro.

Launch of the OxygenOS 13 beta program weeks ago for the West, while in China it is now open for ColorOS 13. The way to install it is a bit more manual, since you have to download the firmware, copy it to the mobile storage and install it as local OTA.

OPPO Android 13 Beta


Finally, Android 13 also arrives in beta form at OPPO and is available for three terminals: OPPO Find X5, OPPO Find X5 Pro Yes OPPO Find N. These three high-end mobiles can sign up for the ColorOS 13 beta based on Android 13 in early access mode.

We meet again Limited places and the way to register is exactly the same as in Realme. You need to go to settings, touch on system update and from the menu choose trial versions. If it’s available to you, you can sign up for the beta from there. If approved, the update will arrive later as an OTA.

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