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It is a reality that in recent months WhatsApp has been making good progress in terms of improvement in its services both on mobile and on computer. Examples include the possibility of moving chats from Android to iPhone, greater control over group messages and even increasing the time to delete a message. Now the latest news is present in your native version of Windows which has come out of its beta process and is open to all users.

Until now, in the event that a user wanted to work with WhatsApp on Windows, had to opt for a version that was based on the web version, making the experience not the most appropriate and mainly affecting performance. But now with this new native app, everything flows in a more appropriate way, something that we were already able to verify when we tested it in the beta phase.

The differences you will notice after updating

As we have mentioned, so far this new application it was in beta phase and could not be used by all users. But this is no longer the case with its final version that can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. Although, in the case of already having WhatsApp installed on your PC, you simply have to go to the tab Library in the lower left corner and check for updates. One of these should be the new version of WhatsApp that will be installed automatically.

WhatsApp Windows

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As soon as you open the application, you will be able to detect the main change that this version presents, which is related to the redesign of the interface. Now go on to be much cleaner, clearly showing the chats without being overloaded at all. This is something that was sinned in the web version where a more loaded interface can be detected and it did not clearly show the most important information. In this case, it becomes more integrated with the operating system itself.

This design change contributes above all to improving performance compared to the web version by not having to load so much information simultaneously. In this way, the load of the messages shows that it has improved substantially in regards to its speed, making it a much more productive option. Also, something that was missing was that the fixed chats were synchronized, for example, but now it is completely traced to what you have on your mobile device.

WhatsApp Windows

Although what is really interesting in this case is the whatsapp multi-device function, Until now it was in beta phase, but it has already come out of this process. This is an indication of the performance improvement when you want to keep several devices connected simultaneously to this account. That is, you can have the account open on several computers at the same time, for example.

Another of the great differences that can be found with WhatsApp Web is the ability to filter information that will allow you to select if you want to view only your contactsthe messages of people that you do not have saved or see the starred messages at a glance.


But not all of them are advantages, since there are also some limitations in this version that is also transferred to the rest of the Web or Desktop versions. The following stand out:

  • It will not be possible to view the real-time location of your contacts on WhatsApp.
  • Impossibility of responding to states or creating new states, although it is something that could not be found in WhatsApp Desktop or Web either.
  • In the case of having an iPhone linked, it will not be possible to delete text messages.
  • Inability to send messages or call people who are on an old version of the app.

Although all these limitations they were also not present in the web version although it is not ruled out that in future updates all the improvements will be implemented in order to have a better experience, and that it will resemble the mobile application.

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