This is how Alberto Chicote got mud “up to his ass” to prevent Juanete from fleeing the “Mosto Tejero” in a tractor

“But how can a restaurateur leave me in a tractor?” he exclaimed in disbelief. Alberto Chicote in front of the unusual reaction of the owner of the Tejero must. After a disastrous service in which everything that could go wrong turned out to be even worse, Juanete decided to flee mounted on his farm vehicle.

“I haven’t had a worse time in the days of my life,” he assured the cameras of Cauchemar in the kitchen. Alberto Chicote ran after him, muddy to the ears. A gesture that the owner of the premises appreciated and which managed to get him to reconsidereven though he was still very angry with all his workers, just as the not at all affectionate words he dedicated to the team suggested. On the way back, Juanete invites the chef, who has lost one of his slippers in the mud, to get on the tractor. And they both went back to Mosto Tejero.

At, we collect the best moments from the library of the Nightmare in the Kitchen newspaper.

Other Highlights Mud in the field… andgrease in the kitchen . When the chef arrived at this restaurant located in the city of CadizJerez de la Frontera , was quick to point out the dirt that had taken hold of the stoves, cold rooms, extractor hoods and fryers, not to mention the defective and dangerous materials and appliances. Although that doesn’t seem to matter to Bunion. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the owner of the premises continued hisjokes and sarcasm

. “What are you doing, basically? Drinking wine over there with your colleagues? Good plan!”, reproached him Chicote, who did not have the body to joke. “There is hardly anything in good condition,” admitted María, the cook. “Everything is very old, broken and rusty.” But the surreal situations that Alberto Chicote had to live in Mosto Tejero were far from over. As if it were the appearance of a deity, all the staff had to interrupt their tasks to go and greetonion mother

, serve her and even accompany her to the toilet, all by order of the owner of the premises. Meanwhile, the rest of the customers were completely unattended. “I’m leaving. I’m going to eat somewhere else, butI won’t come here again a client assured the program team. In addition to having to endure the disastrous service and the poor quality of the dishes, the diners listened in amazement an intense fight

happening in the kitchen. The intensity of the shouting meant that the grievances that Mosto Tejero staff members had addressed to each other could be heard clearly, also in the room. “What a nice working environment, isn’t it?” Alberto Chicote quipped. And it is that the abuse

they were not the exclusive property of the owner of Mosto Tejero and the practice was widespread throughout the workforce.

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