This is how Déborah Fernández’s mother talks about the murdered young woman’s ex-boyfriend

The body of Déborah Fernández is found deposited in a ditch in May 2002 50 kilometers from his home. He lived in central Vigo with his parents, who had reported him missing ten days earlier.

As more than 20 years have passed since his death, case barred after judge rejected latest evidence. The family of the young woman continues to point the finger at the ex-boyfriend, the only one investigated. The investigation team analyzed the keys to the case in a 2019 program that laSexta is rebroadcasting this Friday.

Rosa Neira, mother of Déborah Fernández, is honest in front of the cameras: “When Deborah disappearsthe married couple lived at home, my mother, three children and Maria, an internal person”.

“My daughter Deborah was the third of my children, because she had four. Ours was a very good relationship, we had a lot of feeling because she looked a lot like me. He loved photography and painting and his friends were always the same since he was three years old,” he recalls.

Rosa Neira too talks about Déborah Fernández’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend: “At that time, with her boyfriend, they were angry. He was a boy who came to eat at the house, he was always right, he had no problem, he was a little older than her. The difference was six or seven years old and dedicated to shrimp fishing in Argentina”.

Regarding her daughter’s condition shortly before her disappearance, she maintains that “I was sad” for “about two weeks”.

A former classmate of the young woman remembers her as “funny and outgoing”. However, another colleague assures that before the disappearance he had a strange behavior: “Like a month before, yes I used to leave class crying. He never told me what was happening to him, but something was bothering him, I don’t know what it was, he wasn’t well.”

On another side, The investigation team reconstructs the mysterious scene where the body of Débora Fernández appeared with a condom and a rope. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content to which the information refers is part of a 2019 Investigation Team show that laSexta is rebroadcasting this Friday.

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