This is how Jorge managed to progress in his medical studies and his work: “Some friends helped me”

A George Scribe We met him in 2013 at the Sexta Columna when he was trying to get ahead with his medical degree, so that they wouldn’t take away his scholarship and at the same time he was working in the sale of clothes. Nine years later, he managed to be Radiologist even if he was about to leave the race after his parents became unemployed.

“I was about to have to give up the race because could not make payments from university or living in Madrid. they had to take care of it friends who helped me move forward“, he explains. “If we are not in equal opportunities they limit us”, he denounces.

Is the social elevator broken down?

The myth of meritocracy holds that education works like an elevator and that our efforts will take us as far as we want. But what if it is damaged? What if the data proves that we are not going to live better than our children?

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