this is singer Maluma’s clothing collection

Colombian singer Maluma took all her creative energy from the fashion world to send a message of inclusion and freedom with a collection for the GEF clothing brand that he designed with children and young people from his foundation and that he unveiled this Wednesday on the Colombiamoda catwalk.

The artist from Medellín, where the 33rd edition of the most important fair in the textile-clothing sector in Latin America is taking place, has managed to concentrate all the energy that he transmits with his music in his clothes to exploit an area in which he feels very comfortable, with a collaboration that has at its center the El Arte de los Sueños foundation and the “dreamers”, as it calls its members. “To do a collaboration of this level means a lot to me, for my career, for my culture, for the next generations, for the dreamers”, declared the singer during a press conference.

Juan Luis Londoño, known worldwide as Maluma, moved like a fish in water in the role of designer. He gave life to a collection connected to the trend”asexual” (genderless) to inspire the public to create urban and comfortable styles with clothing such as joggers, hoodies, t-shirts and various accessories.

I feel connected to this environment. I feel happiness, I feel satisfaction and a lot of emotion. Today we press this green button, but what happens and what will happen is decisive,” the reggaeton artist said of the “Maluma x Gef El Arte de los Sueños” parade, which marked his debut. as a designer.

Beyond her “fashionista” soul, the interpreter of “Sober” and “HAWÁI” was first moved by the fact that the collection has a “very beautiful” vocation, since it was designed as a social project that goes towards its foundation. On the other hand, he was also drawn to the powerful messages he could send through each garment with designs that scream “inclusion” and “fluidity”, the objectives of the proposal.

The designs of the Maluma collection

“I’m a man, but I like to wear women’s denim jackets and skirts. What I wear does not define me as a human being. This is the message, that people feel free to be as they are. We are not here to judge or put paradigms on it,” the popular “Papi Juancho” said.

Maluma was the face of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign and made his 2020 debut as the first Latino in a campaign for American designer Calvin Klein. “Fashion has influenced my career, but we’re just getting started and what’s next is best“, anticipated the artist, who described his participation as a “very natural, very organic” process.

The love for his native is also present Medellinanother of his inspirations, since he also sought to reflect his childhood and “the colors of my land”.

“I’ve worked with other brands, and it was very crazy because I had already been to New York, Paris and London during important fashion weeks, with world-class brands, and I wanted to replicate it in my country, do it also in Medellin because we also have a product to export,” he confessed.

At home, sitting on the floor and scraping blank canvases, Maluma began the process of creating the collection, to which 130 members of its foundation gave it a greater dimension with their contributions.

In particular, they were responsible for defining the color palette, which contrasted with the white and minimalist decor in which the creations were presented at the Club El Rodeo Town Hallin a vibrant show with bold and versatile looks.

These children and young people, who seek to transform their lives through art, have reflected their artistic skills symbolized in each color used in the collection: blue (vocals), yellow (percussion), magenta (dance), green (creativity) and orange (composition). The director of El Arte de los Sueños, Manuela Londoño, said that the dreamers, “on their own, have contributed a lot to the collection and are its protagonists”.

The GEF brand, which four years ago had J.Balvin as part of a collaboration, he chose Maluma to follow the global trend of involving celebrities in the design process.

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