This is the audio change between Google Fast Pair devices that the Pixel Buds Pro and more headphones will arrive

If you have wireless headphones linked to several devices, you will know how cumbersome it is switch audio between your devicesbecause if you listen to the tablet and you want to listen to the mobile, you already have to change the link in the settings, something that the latest Google Fast Pair novelty will finally solve.

Announced in January during CES 2022, Google has announced that the new multipoint connectivity with device switching It will hit the market with the launch of the new Pixel Buds Pro, the new Google headphones that you can now book at the price of 219 euros.

Changing the audio source has never been so easy

The new one audio switching technology of Google FastPair arrives for that switching between devices becomes automaticso that the headset knows when we want to listen to the mobile or tablet.

Google Fast Pair Change Audio

Android operating system will use the context to invite the user to change the audio source of their headphones, also taking into account the priority of sounds between calls, media and notifications. Google gives as an example the case in which if we are watching a movie on the tablet with the headphones and we receive a notification on the mobile, the audio from the headphones will not change to the phone, but if we receive a call the audio will change to the mobile, then after ending the call and resuming the movie the headphones will be changed to the tablet.

What is Android Fast Pair and how it makes it easier to use Bluetooth headphones

Google informs that users will have full control of the experience with a notification that will allow you to change the audio to the original device with a single touch, in case the headphones change devices and the user did not want to make that change at that time.

This feature will arrive from July 28 to Android phones and tablets with the launch of the Pixel Buds Pro, but they will not be the only compatible headphones. In the coming weeks this audio switching technology will come to a selection of headphones from Sony Y JBL.

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