This is the before and after of La Cueva, a restaurant where, thanks to Alberto Chicote, the cuisine “shines like the sun”

“When I entered I was amazed”, commented Emilio, the owner of the restaurant called until then ‘John’s grotto‘, renamed simply ‘Cave‘. The intent of the reform team, as explained Alberto Chicotewas to recreate the space of a cave, but with a more luminous and welcoming air.

A happy moment to which Emilio took charge of putting on the soundtrack, nothing more and nothing less than with the music from the movie ‘Titanic’“but it’s not going to sink,” he joked to the cameras.

At, we collect the best moments from the library of the Nightmare in the Kitchen newspaper.

Other Highlights One of the most tense moments during the recording took place during this conversation betweenAlberto Chicote, Emilio and Carlos , the restaurant manager. “I can’t make it to the end of the month, because I don’t earn enough,” Carlos acknowledged in that talk, but for Emilio that wasn’t true. “Carlos’ employment situation seems terribly unfair to me,” Chicote chided the owner. “He has a contract of 20 or 25 hours a week which is never fulfilled.” “When you wantwe count the hours you work

“, Emilio threatened Carlos. The conversation at this point began to become very tense. In the first contact with the restaurant, Alberto Chicote was amazed by the dirt from the kitchen. “I’ve never seen a pan with so much shit in it,” he said. The whole kitchen in general was full of rust and dirt. “It’s fromThe Terrorists . To do this is to play with people’s health,” the chef warned. Also, the staff had to figure out how to do their job because they didn’t have the best materials for it. “I cut the chopswith an ax and a sledgehammer

because there is nothing to cut,” Carlos told Chicote. before a disastrous second serve,

in which the diners were more than unhappy with the quality of the food at ‘La Cueva de Juan’, Emilio blew up and decided to close it. And so he communicated it to his surprised customers. Emilio was forced to temporarily “close” La Cueva de Juan until the head of the program couldfloat it


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