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Android 13 is now official, and among the new features of Google’s new mobile operating system update are expanding theme icons to all developers and devices.

The thematic icons they reached the google pixel with android 12, but until now they were only available in google apps, but with the arrival of android 13 that has changed, and developers are loving it WhatsApp have already added themed icon support.

WhatsApp theme icon

The icons with theme is a feature of Material You, in which the icon adapts to the color of the wallpapershowing a monochrome icon with interface theme background color.

Android 13 is now official, we tested it and here are its main new features

One day after the launch of android 13the popular email client WhatsApp added support for theme icon from Material You up to its latest beta version This, yes, only works on Android 13 Although Android 12 also allows you to put theme icons on Google Pixel.

whatsapp android 13

Google Pixels with Android 13 can now take advantage of the new whatsapp theme icon. If from settings style and wallpaper activate the option Icons with theme You will see how the WhatsApp icon will show a new monochrome home screen design depending on the color of the wallpaper.

These themed icons only appear on the desktop. Apps are displayed in the app drawer with their normal icon. Over the next few weeks, most developers should update their apps to add themed icon support so that all apps display the same style on the home screen.

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