This Little-Known Waze Feature Will Have You and Your Companions Cracking Up

There are several differences between Google Maps and Waze, but there is one function in particular that has me completely hooked. Because of this feature, lately I use Waze even for short trips that I know by heart and for which I don’t really need a GPS app.

I am referring to the possibility of recording the voice prompts ourselves. This is a function that, a priori, is designed to give the app a personal touch with respect to the default voices that come. However, in a troll like me, it is serving to make anyone who gets in the car laugh.

Steps to record your own directions in Waze

Of all the Waze tricks, being able to record voice prompts is one of the most interesting. Although, yes, he demands record each indication one by one. To do it yourself, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and tap My Waze.
  2. Click on the settings (top left).
  3. Go into sound and voice and then in Waze’s voice.
  4. Click on Add a voice.
  5. Go by clicking on each of the indications, then clicking on the microphone icon, announcing the voice indication yourself and then clicking on Save.
  6. Once you have all the instructions recorded, click on Done (You don’t need to record absolutely all of them).
Waze Voice Recorder

Once you have saved your recordings and go back to the voices menu, you will have to choose the ones you recorded as Waze voices. Thus, you will be able to listen to your own recordings from the moment you start a route. You can edit the recordings, delete them or switch to a system default voice at any time.

It can be said as a negative point that you will not be able to record the name of each street. It’s obvious considering how tedious it would be. Hence, occasionally it is strange that the indications are somewhat halfway by not saying street names or sounding these with one of the system’s voices.

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if you want also give it a funny touch Thanks to this function, you can do as I did and record the prompts with funny voices, singing (and out of tune) or even changing what the prompt says to any other phrase. Although be careful with it, since in the end we must not forget that the purpose of this app is to serve as a GPS guide.

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