Tips to Enhance Your Galaxy Tab S9 Experience: Cases, Accessories, and More

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is one of the top Android tablets on the market. With powerful new chipsets, updated software, and versatile cameras, it builds on previous models.

Whether you just got your Tab S9 or plan to buy one, keep these tips in mind to maximize your experience:

Invest in Protection for Your Pricey Tablet

Considering the Tab S9's high cost, protect this valuable investment.

  • protective case shields against drops and damage. The Samsung Book Cover case offers integrated keyboards.
  • screen protector prevents screen flaws. Matte protectors reduce glare, while textured ones provide a paper feel.
  • Cases are available for the Tab S9, Tab S9 Plus, and Tab S9 Ultra.

Outfit Your Tab S9 With Convenient Accessories

Personalize your Tab S9 to suit your needs with handy add-ons:

  • Since Samsung doesn't include chargers, buy a 45W charger for rapid charging.
  • For laptop-style use, get a keyboard case or Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Add a microSD card to expand beyond 1TB of internal storage.
  • USB-C hub enables connecting more accessories and external displays.

Set Up Facial Recognition for Easy Unlocking

The in-display fingerprint sensor can be tricky to find. Facial recognition provides an alternative:

  • After turning on the display, your Tab S9 auto-unlocks by scanning your face.
  • To enable it, go to Settings > Biometrics and Security> Facial Recognition.

Customize the Home Screen to Your Taste

Leverage the vibrant display and One UI 5.1 to personalize your home screen:

  • Add extra home screens by pressing empty areas and tapping the plus icon.
  • Include favorite widgets by touching and holding empty spots.
  • Relocate widgets by tapping and holding, then dragging.

Get Advanced Functionality With Samsung Good Lock

Download Samsung's Good Lock toolkit for enhanced utility:

  • LockStar - Customize your lock screen
  • MultiStar - Additional multitasking capabilities
  • Thermal Guardian - Monitor CPU temp and usage
  • One Hand Operation+ - One-handed convenience

Change the Side Key to Avoid Bixby

By default, the Side Key triggers Bixby. Modify this setting:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced features > Side key
  • Choose "Power off menu" instead of "Wake Bixby"

Utilize Samsung DeX for a Desktop Experience

Transform your Tab S9 into a laptop with DeX mode:

  • Enable desktop-style interface, taskbar, and multitasking.
  • For wireless use, connect DeX to compatible TVs or monitors.
  • For wire, use an HDMI-USB C cable and peripherals.

Turn Your Extra Tablet Into a Second Monitor

Make your Tab S9 useful while inactive by adding a second screen:

  • Enable in Quick Settings > Second screen.
  • On your PC, hit Windows + K and select your tablet.
  • Requires Windows 10 or 11.

Access Multitasking Shortcuts With Edge Panels

Despite Android improvements, Edge panels enable quick access:

  • Swipe left on the Edge panel handle to open available panels.
  • Customize panels by adding favorite apps or contacts.

Master the Endless Functions of the S Pen

Samsung's S Pen goes far beyond drawing. Learn to fully utilize it:

  • Use the Air Command menu for quick actions.
  • Convert handwriting to text.
  • Access S Pen apps like PENUP.
  • Translate selected text.


What are the different models of the Galaxy Tab S9?

The Galaxy Tab S9 comes in three variants - the base Galaxy Tab S9, the larger Galaxy Tab S9 Plus, and the top-tier Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The Plus and Ultra models have larger displays and higher specs.

Does the Galaxy Tab S9 support 5G connectivity?

Yes, the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup supports 5G network connectivity for ultra-fast downloads and low latency. The 5G models do cost more than the Wi-Fi-only variants.

How good is the battery life of the Galaxy Tab S9?

With up to 14 hours of video playback, the Galaxy Tab S9 series offers excellent battery life thanks to their large 8,000 mAh to 12,000 mAh capacities and power-efficient screens. Fast charging is also supported.

What processor does the Galaxy Tab S9 use?

The Galaxy Tab S9 models are powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, providing top-tier performance for apps, games, and multitasking.

How much internal storage do the Galaxy Tab S9 models have?

The base storage is 128GB on the Galaxy Tab S9, 256GB on the Plus, and a huge 512GB on the Ultra. Storage can be expanded up to 1TB via a microSD card.

Does the Galaxy Tab S9 have a headphone jack?

No, like most modern tablets, the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup does not include a 3.5mm headphone jack. Audio is delivered via the USB-C port or wirelessly over Bluetooth.

What type of display does the Galaxy Tab S9 use?

Samsung's signature Super AMOLED display technology is used on the Galaxy Tab S9 for bright, vivid visuals and excellent contrast. A smooth 120Hz refresh rate enables fluid scrolling and animations.

What version of Android does the Galaxy Tab S9 run?

The Galaxy Tab S9 series comes with Android 12 pre-installed. The tablets can be upgraded to the latest Android 13 OS.

Does the Galaxy Tab S9 have stereo speakers?

Yes, the Galaxy Tab S9 models feature a quad-speaker setup tuned by AKG with Dolby Atmos support for an immersive sound experience.

What accessories are available for the Galaxy Tab S9?

Samsung offers a range of first-party accessories like Book Cover Keyboards, S-Pens, pouches, and DeX cables. There are also many third-party accessories like cases, styli, hubs, and more.

With these tips and tricks tailored for the Galaxy Tab S9, you can optimize performance, streamline usage, accessorize, and customize the tablet experience. Leverage the full potential of Samsung's premier Android tablet.

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