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When you’re unconvinced by the quality of photos and videos your mobile camera takes, don’t rush to blame the sensors. Remember that in smartphones, the software or the camera app plays a very important role in the final results. It is possible that the app that the manufacturer has pre-installed on your phone is not taking full advantage of the sensors. The best way to find out? Try Google Camera or GCam (the official Google Pixel camera app).

GCam or Google Camera refers to the stock camera app on Pixel phones. It is widely regarded as one of the best camera apps for Android due to Google's superior computational photography. While GCam is exclusive to Pixel phones, developers have created GCam ports that allow installing it on other Android phones. This guide will help you find the right GCam port for your non-Pixel device.

Disclaimer: GCam ports are unofficial mods created by developers. Install them at your own risk and take a backup of your data first.

In case you didn’t know, GCam is recognized by many as the best camera app for Android. Of course, don’t run to download it from the Google Play Store, as it’s exclusive to Pixel phones. Technically, it cannot be installed on a mobile other than a Google Pixel. However, thanks to the Android developer community, you can find many MODs or ports of GCam on the internet which can be installed on any device.

Understanding GCam Versions

GCam ports are available in different versions like BSG's v8.1 and v7.3. The numbers refer to the Android API level that a port is based on. Higher numbers like 8.1 mean the port supports more recent Android versions and Pixel phones. Lower numbers like 7.3 are older ports but tend to be more stable.

Comparing Major GCam Ports

GCam Port Features ratings and comparitions
GCam Port Market Share
GCam Port Market Share
GCam Port Market Share

Here are some of the most popular GCam ports and how they compare:

  • BSG ports (v8.1, v7.3) - Great overall with frequent updates. Recommended for OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Realme.
  • Nikita - Extra features but can freeze on Pixels. Good for OnePlus, and Sony.
  • Arnova8G2 - Lean stock Google experience. Expert tweaking is needed.
  • Parrot043 - Latest features but needs Android 10. Good for Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.
  • The_Dise - Optimized for budget phones. Limited issues.

Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install a GCam port:

  1. Check if your phone supports Camera2 API - this is required for GCam.
  2. Disable the stock camera app if possible. This prevents conflicts.
  3. Download a recommended GCam ZIP file for your phone from the links below.
  4. Use a file manager to locate and install the ZIP file on your phone.
  5. Open GCam and customize settings as needed. You may need to grant permission.
  6. Experiment with different ports if the first one has issues.

Here are direct links to download recommended GCam ZIP files for popular phones:

  • OnePlus 8T - BSG v8.1
  • Xiaomi Mi 10T - Nikita v1.3
  • Samsung S20 FE - Parrot043 v5.1


If you face crashes, bugs, or camera failures, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check you installed the right GCam version for your phone model.
  • Wipe data for GCam and test different configurations.
  • Ensure you are granted storage and camera permissions.
  • Try older stable GCam versions like v7.3 if newer ones crash.
  • Join GCam port support groups on Telegram for help.

Now, when you search for these ports, you will find a large number of them in different versions and created by different developers. Some work better than others depending on the mobile, so you must know very well which one to download. To help you, here we have prepared a list of the best MODs that will install the latest version of GCam on your smartphone, regardless of its brand. You’re ready? Let’s go…

GCamloader: an application that automatically searches and installs the GCam compatible with your mobile

GCamloader - GCam Community

If you don’t want to complicate your life looking for the GCam port that works best with your mobile, install GCamloader. This application is not a MOD for Google Camera, but rather a tool that analyzes the specifications of your mobile and then finds the ideal GCam port for your camera. And the best of all is that GCamloader will always check for the latest version of the Google camera app so you can enjoy all the news it has recently released.

This tool also allows you to download old versions of GCam or even versions of other mobile brands. That way, if you’re having trouble with the port that’s supposed to work well with your Android, you can try other MODs until you find the perfect one for your device’s camera. Download it for free from the Play Store.

BSG: One of the best working GCam ports

Android Republic

One of the most popular ports of the Google Camera is the one created by the developer dubbed BSG, who published three GCam MODs that work on almost any device. All of them are already updated to the latest version that comes with the latest Google smartphones.

At this link, you can see the compatibility of this port’s features with the most popular phones on the market, although in theory, it should work with all of them. If you want to learn more about this MOD, BSG has a group and one channel Telegram where you can solve all your doubts. Do you want to try it now? Then download the APK from the link below.

Download | GCAM APK by BSG

Nikita: one of the fastest and most stable MODs

nikita google camera mod

Developer Nikita has been creating ports of GCam for some time that stand out for their stability and speed, including additional advanced features that almost no other mod has. The latest GCam port that Nikita released comes with a “Libpatcher” feature that improves photo quality and automatically adjusts sharpness, contrast, exposure, and color values.

Works with the latest mobiles from major Chinese brands (OnePlus, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, etc.), although it must be said that it has a bug that can freeze your device when pressing the Google Pixel button in the application. If you avoid touching this button, Nikita’s GCam will do just fine.

Download | GCam APK by Nikita

Arnova8G2: Virtually identical to the original Google Camera

Arnova8G2 google camera module

Another developer who created their own Google Camera MOD is Arnova8G2. What makes your port special is that has no additional supplement, thus respecting the vision of Google. That means it comes with the default Google Pixel configuration, so you’ll have to optimize it for your phone yourself. It is a good option for those who understand a lot about cameras and they know how to press the sensors of their mobiles.

Please note that Arnova8G2 is a famous XDA portal developer, so you can trust the quality of their work. Download its GCam port with this button below.

Download | GCam APK by Arnova8G2

Google Parrot043 camera mod

Google Parrot043 camera mod

Now it’s the turn of Parrot043, a Russian developer with great experience porting GCam to multiple Android devices. The latest port that has been released includes the latest news of this application along with several add-ons that make GCam an even more complete camera application. Of course, it is only compatible with mobiles with Android 10 or later and has around 150MB of free space.

This developer has the particularity that just uploads your ports to your official telegram channel which you can access by clicking on the following link.

Download | GCam APK by Parrot043

the_Dise: ideal for low-end mobiles

the_Dise mod google camera

Finally, we have the GCam port developed by the_Dise, known to be light and fast even with low-end mobiles. The only bugs that its latest version has are those related to the rapid movement technique combined with Zoom, and the one that crashes 1/8x slow motion. Oh! And OTA updates are disabled for security reasons.


Installing a GCam port can significantly improve photography on non-Pixel Android phones. With the right port, you can enjoy Pixel-level image processing and new camera features. Take the time to experiment with different ports to find one that works flawlessly for your device.

Other than that, we think it’s one of the best. GCam for resource-constrained phones. We invite you to download it from the link below.

Download | GCam APK by the_Dise

And that’s all! We hope that these unofficial versions of GCam get the most out of your mobile camera so you can take spectacular photos and record in the best possible quality.

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