Top 8 Apps For Students

Here are some apps for university students that will help you in your activities and educational process. Enter now!

If you are pursuing a university degree, you should know this list of applications for university students which can facilitate your learning process.

Today, the stage of university studies has become quite modern, with the possibility of virtual courses and more innovative assignments. However, at the same time as these innovations appeared various pocket tools that facilitate the study process in students. And we can’t rule out the importance of having apps that minimize homework and add time and energy to other profitable and extracurricular activities.

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Top 8 Apps For Students 12

Here are some apps for university students that will help you in your activities and educational process. Enter now!

Fortunately, over the years various methods and applications have been developed to make life easier for students. In this space, we will therefore mention the 8 most useful apps for students.

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Student apps: the 8 best

  • Cam Scanner
  • Split wise
  • Quizlet
  • Hippo word
  • Pomodoro timer
  • google calendar
  • Student Canvas
  • Evernote

These applications are intended to make life easier for the college student and to cope with activities that involve the learning process, work preparation, and organization for the performance of tasks.


Camscanner: turn files into PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT

This application allows its users to scan all kinds of documents and turn them into files PDF, JPG, Word or TXT. Has an intelligent optical recognition that processes words extracted from an image and performs image enhancement. With this great app, you can save time and money by making copies.

In addition, you will get better organized your documents, forgetting to have accumulated papers, thanks to CamScanner You will always have with you all the necessary documentation, which you can organize and identify with tags and if necessary, have the protection of confidential documents.


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Splitwise: minimize daily expenses

This app is designed to simplify the organization of expenses under an ingenious system that checks expenses and debts present. And it is that in the life of the university student there are various expenses, which must be kept under control to avoid a mess in the finances.

On the other hand, it allows you to create expense groups with friends where you can divide the chats by roommates, projects developed as a group, or organize a trip or an outing with friends.

Forget about having to worry about debts and payments and let this great app organize your daily expenses or special events for you.


Top 8 Apps For Students 13

Your ideal study assistant has arrived! With this app, you can learn and practice at any time thanks to a card system. With her, it is possible to learn other languages, or on subjects of biology, chemistry, history, among other subjects… select your own flashcards and study kits or choose from millions created by other students.

Quizlet allows you to learn and study through a dynamic map system, you can share the cards with your friends and classmates and even prepare for an exam using the “learn and exercise your memory” mode, optimize your learning thanks to the “writing” mode and games against the clock in the “match” mode.

Hippo word

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Hippo word: multifactorial dictionary

Can be torturous to write without falling into redundant and repetitive words, which can be very difficult for those who do not have good grammatical fluency. Having said that, Hippo word came to solve this problem.

This app works as a multifactor dictionary It allows you to search for words based on their definition, synonyms, antonyms, nouns, adjectives, and other references to provide the right words to writers. He has example sentences where you can check which word best matches the writing you are developing.

Pomodoro timer

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Pomodoro timer: task blocks and timer settings

It is quite difficult to concentrate on studying and revising a class with the great distractions that our mobile device offers. The best ally to avoid procrastinating student homework is the Pomodoro timer, where you have to set the time of use of your mobile in a timer which once started will block the distraction functions of your device.

Establishes task blocks and set a timer so that during this period you devote all your attention to the task at hand, take breaks, let your mind rest from the information it processes via the mobile. This way you will establish an adequate pace of study until you reach your goals.

google calendar

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Google Calendar: events, outings, or tasks to deliver

This calendar is compatible with all device calendars is ideal for carrying a control of events, outputs or tasks to be delivered.

Google calendar It is part of Google workspace, so it’s possible to organize meetings and check the availability of your colleagues. Moreover, you can easily adjust the visibility of your calendar by day, week or month, to see your schedule in more detail.

Student Canvas

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Top 8 Apps For Students 14

Canvas It is a platform used by large schools and universities where it could be autonomous by its users, where you will have access to various courses and teaching materials.

With the mobile application for students you will be able to see the grades and the content of the course, submit homework, do a coursework follow-up with a to-do list and calendar, watch videos, answer quizzes, receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, among other things that will make your studies easier.


Evernote: innovative organizational tool

This innovative organizational tool allows generating written notes, by audio, images, or videos that you can organize. You can insert links or PDFs on topics of interest, scan texts, images, and even whiteboards.

Evernote It is without a doubt a digital assistant for students, entrepreneurs, and teachers. As if that weren’t enough, you can link Evernote to Google Calendar and thus be aware of the work delivery dates so that you are always up to date.

Without a doubt, if you are in graduate school, through this list of student apps You will have all the necessary tools to facilitate your learning and organization process.

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  1. What is the most useful app?


    Top 8 apps for students
    1. Evernote
    2. Student Canvas
    3. google calendar
    4. Pomodoro timer
    5. Hippo word
    6. Quizlet
    7. CamScanner
    8. Splitwise

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