Victoria Federica or how to be royalty without giving up media exposure

They are more reluctant to give interviews to the media than any other well-known character. However, the royals who do so go beyond grabbing covers or pages with their official and private appearances. These “royals” go to the press on specific occasions, coinciding with a birthday or with turbulent and controversial events in his life. Others, on the other hand, do not need an excuse to speak to a magazine, a newspaper or a television channel and lend themselves to it with great ease. Victoria Federica was the last to show his image in the featured press in a Spectacular cover on horseback. But it is not, far from it, the only one.

The rare appearances of Spain and Belgium

In our country, the Spanish royal family it barely uses the fourth power to make itself known or get closer to citizens. Nevertheless, we can highlight two moments when he did so, coinciding with significant dates. In 2012, it was then princess of asturias who, with her husband and daughters, posed for a magazine for her 40th birthday. The next year, Don Juan Carlos opened the doors of the Palacio de la Zarzuela to the aforementioned publication on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the journal.

Also Philippe and Mathilde from Belgium they gave an interview to French-language television channel RTBF in 2019, just the same week they celebrated 20 years as husband and wife. A much happier event than the one that led Joaquín and Marie from Denmark to talk to the Danish outlet “Hjernesaguen”. They did so to share with citizens how they experienced the painful moment when the prince suffered a stroke in the summer of 2020.

Punctual was also when Tessy de Luxembourg, former daughter-in-law of the Grand Dukesworked as a journalist for a day and interviewed Daniel from Sweden, son-in-law of the present kings. The Davos World Economic Forum held in 2020 in Switzerland was the setting in which the “former royal”, microphone in hand, was able to capture the impressions of the husband of Victoria of Sweden.

The Windsors are still unleashing the storm

But if there is a monarchy that took advantage of the media and took advantage of it, causing at the same time a veritable media and institutional hurricane that was the British. The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson were the first. It was 1970 and the couple gave an explosive BBC interview in which they spoke publicly about family issues and the abdication of Edward VIII.

The most heartfelt and groundbreaking conversation with the BBC, however, was led by Diana of Wales in 1995. It was the most controversial interview, which shook the foundations of Buckingham Palace. In it, Lady Di spoke openly about her marriage to Charles of England, her infidelities and her relationship with James Hewitt.

It took, again, almost a quarter of a century to see a member of the clan sit in front of the BBC’s cameras and spotlights to use them to their advantage. After the process known as “Megxit”, they were Harry of England and Meghan Markle those who shared with presenter Oprah Winfrey an intimate conversation plagued by content harmful to the institution they represented until now. Palace pressures, racism, mental health and the royal family as a whole were the topics covered in this interview that left no one indifferent.

New generations taking example

The day has not yet come when the heiress to the national throne, princess eleanor, sits in front of a journalist to talk with him about his life, his training, his future or his aspirations. Yes, other European princes did, like Amalia from the Netherlands or Gabriel from Luxembourg. The first already has two interviews behind her back so that her people know her a little better, given that one day she will succeed her father, King William.

For its part, the eldest son of Luis and Tessy of Luxembourg he first sat in front of a camera a few years ago. He did it for the digital media RTL and talked about aspects of his personal and academic life.

Landlines, Denmark and Monaco

With all, there are two Royal Houses that frequently turn to the pages of magazines promote their actions or projects. This is the case of The Grimaldi family and the Monpezats. Thus, Carolina de Monaco and her daughter Carlota Casiraghi are the undisputed queens of “coated paper”. ‘Madame Figaro’, ‘Vogue’… there were a few publications in which they confessed.

Something similar happens with Mary of DenmarkFrederick’s wife. ‘Femina’, ‘IN Magazine’, ‘Billet Bladet’, ‘Eurowoman’, ‘Vogue’ or ‘Australian Women’s Weekly’ are just some of the magazines that have featured the Princess’ thoughts on their pages.

Although not to the same extent, there are other senior royals who have also starred in front-page stories. Camilla Parker-Bowles, in fact, recently appeared on ‘Country Life’ in a snapshot that was taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. For her part, Hayfa bint Abdullah Al Saud, daughter of Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, made history by appearing behind the wheel on the cover of ‘Vogue’.

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