NYT’s WordleBot

The Times is introducing its biggest change yet by including WordleBot, a tool that serves as a “daily companion” to your new favorite puzzle game

After several months into Wordle's era (and its expanding universe of clones, including Heardle, Numble, and Poeltl), with The New York Times serving as steward since a "low seven figure" purchase. 

The WordleBot runs in the browser and locally, evaluating completed puzzles regardless of the computer or session being used.


Bot started with an attempt to prove the best starting word, developed with The Upshot section that focuses on news data visualizations.

WordleBot tries to balance skill and luck. Wordle has a list of all answers but doesn't know which answer to use on any particular day.

The method they use is to calculate what you did well or compare who did better when you used the same number of guesses. Wordle now has analytic breakdowns.

A button and seeing what the bot thinks of your process may be even more satisfying if you're obsessed with efficiency and love advanced stats.

Perhaps you can just give up (or not) and let the game go until a new word comes tomorrow, efficiency be damned.