What was a train doing going all the way into the Bejís fire? Three open investigations and many doubts

There are three open investigations – that of Adif, that of Renfe and that of the Judicial Police- clarify who made the decision authorizing a convoy with 49 passengers on board entered the area affected by the Bejís dangerous fire (Castello). It happened on a train of the Sagunto-Caudiel-Teruel-Zaragoza line, which had to stop in the middle of the journey due to the proximity of the flames.

Inside the train, there were moments of real terror. Panic seized the passengers, some of whom left the convoy before the driver resumed his reverse. Among the twenty people who were injured, three of them are still seriously injured following burns caused by the flames.

For the moment there are many doubts and also many contradictory testimonies. On the one hand, both Adif and Renfe have issued a statement in which they specify that all protocols were followed and that they had not received any information indicating that such a fire had occurred or that it had affected the infrastructure of the road.

Renfe supports driver performance

In the Renfe press release it is also mentioned how the train driver handled the situation. This is another controversial point. What the statement says is that the driver was the first to alert to the presence of the fire and what she tried to do was turn back, go to the nearest station , but everything was delayed because there were moments of tension and some passengers decided to get off. They also claim that the driver always said he had to stay in the convoy.

From the railway workers’ union, they also say that the driver’s performance was impeccable: “applied the protocols, detected a dangerous situation raised and decided to stop the train”. They assure that she acquitted herself very well of the conduct and of her responsibility for the train. But they indicate that she was leaving alone and could not assume the role that a “customer service” worker would have filled.

Conflicting versions among passengers

But some testimonials that laSexta learned from passengers contradict this version. One of the passengers told Más Vale Tarde that the driver stopped the train, left the cabin and went to the other cabin to start the reverse gear. Also that he told passengers he didn’t know what to do because “they gave him no instructionsto which the passengers replied that they could not stay there. Thus, says this witness, the driver would have pressed the “red button” for the doors to open and would have told the passengers to follow the tracks.

Another witness explains that it was a passenger who pulled the emergency lever to stop the train, instead of the driver making the decision himself.

For now, the President of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig He said he wanted to wait and see how the open investigations develop so as not to interfere. It is clear to him that the responsibilities will become clearer and “that they will reach the final consequences”.

Also questioned on this subject in Al Rojo Vivo, Raúl Gil, deputy director of the advanced command post of Bejís, preferred not to make a statement since the investigation is ongoing. “The only thing we can say is that the evacuation conditions happened in a very, very short period of time and the evolution of the fire was excessive“.

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