WhatsApp Features Still Missing in 2022

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WhatsApp has come a long way since its launch in 2009, yet there are still some key features missing that users want to see added. This article looks at the top 9 features WhatsApp needs to implement to catch up to competitors.

Editing Sent Messages

  • Unlike social media networks, WhatsApp still doesn't allow editing of sent messages.
  • This forces users to delete and resend messages to fix typos or mistakes.
  • Allowing editing could reduce noise and clutter in chats.
  • The good news is WhatsApp is rumored to be planning message editing in the future.

Official Tablet App

  • WhatsApp only officially supports smartphones, despite tablets existing for years.
  • This is likely due to past limitations of tablets having their own numbers.
  • But with tablets now supporting SIM cards, there's no good reason for the lack of an iPad/tablet app.
  • Rumors of an official tablet app have circulated for years but have not materialized yet.

Usernames Instead of Numbers

  • To chat on WhatsApp, you need a person's phone number and they need yours.
  • This is fine for family/friends but inconvenient for wider communication.
  • Usernames would allow chatting without sharing private phone numbers.
  • Telegram uses usernames well, keeping numbers private but allowing easy chatting.

Multiple Device Support

  • WhatsApp Web and desktop apps allow using WhatsApp across devices.
  • But you still can't use one WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones.
  • This makes using Dual SIM phones difficult.
  • Rumors suggest support for multiple mobiles is coming eventually.

Multiple Accounts

  • Related to the point above, dual SIM phones can't use two WhatsApp accounts easily.
  • You need tricky workarounds instead of native dual account support.
  • Other messaging apps like Telegram have built-in multiple account management.
  • If your phone supports two numbers, WhatsApp should too.

Native Polls

  • Creating polls requires third-party apps, as WhatsApp lacks native poll options.
  • Polls are present in Facebook Messenger groups and Telegram, but not WhatsApp.
  • Rumors say WhatsApp is finally planning to add polls, but no timeline is known.

Fine-grained Privacy Controls

  • WhatsApp has limited privacy settings, like hiding "last seen" from all or no one.
  • You can't hide presence or other data from specific contacts only.
  • For true privacy, users need more granular control over who can see what.


  • WhatsApp only has light and dark modes for theming.
  • Telegram and others allow extensive theming for colors/styles.
  • Even adding a few theme options could help WhatsApp feel more customizable.

Official Self-Chat

  • Many users chat with themselves on WhatsApp as personal notes/reminders.
  • But this requires workarounds like adding yourself as a contact first.
  • If WhatsApp enabled official self-chats, it would remove this hassle.

Wrap Up

While WhatsApp has made big improvements over the years, these key features are still noticeably absent. Adding them would modernize WhatsApp and make it more competitive with alternatives like Telegram that have leapfrogged its capabilities. But with WhatsApp's resources and user base, it's well-positioned to close these gaps if it chooses to prioritize enhancing the user experience.


Why can't I edit messages in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp currently does not have the ability to edit sent messages. This is a limitation compared to other messaging apps. However, there are rumors that WhatsApp may add message editing in the future.

Is there a WhatsApp app for iPads or tablets?

No, currently there is no official WhatsApp app for iPads or Android tablets. WhatsApp only officially supports smartphones at this time. Keep in mind that it's a report for 2022 they might release it later.

How can I chat on WhatsApp without sharing my phone number?

WhatsApp requires users to have each other's phone numbers to chat. There is no username system like on other messaging platforms. To chat without sharing your number, you would need to use a secondary app or interface that connects to WhatsApp while keeping your number private.

Can I use one WhatsApp account on multiple phones?

No, currently each WhatsApp account can only be actively used on one smartphone at a time. You cannot use the same account on two phones simultaneously unless you use WhatsApp Web, which mirrors the phone app.

Why can't I have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

WhatsApp does not natively support multiple accounts on the same phone. Your phone number is tied to your account. Having dual SIM support on a phone does not allow for two WhatsApp accounts.

How do I create a poll in WhatsApp?

Polls are not currently a built-in feature in WhatsApp. To create a poll, you need to rely on third-party apps and tools that integrate with WhatsApp. Native polls are rumored to be in development. **Report till 2022

Can I hide my online status from specific people?

No, WhatsApp has limited privacy settings for presence and online status. You can hide it from everyone or no one, but not specific contacts only. More granular privacy controls have been requested.

How do I change the look and theme of WhatsApp?

Aside from light and dark modes, WhatsApp does not currently support extensive theming or customization of colors and styles. Other messaging apps offer more theming options.

Can I chat with myself on WhatsApp?

There is no official built-in way to chat with yourself on WhatsApp. Some workarounds include adding your own number as a contact or creating a group with just yourself in it. Native self-chat support has been suggested.

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