WhatsApp will block screenshots and two more privacy improvements are on the way

the very Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of upcoming privacy news on whatsapp. Some of them we already knew because they have been tested and leaked for months, while others surprise us a bit.

Specifically, we have three novelties: WhatsApp will allow us to hide that we are online, we can leave a group silently and also ephemeral photos cannot be capturedwhich until now had no protection.

Hide that you are online

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WhatsApp’s privacy options allow you to choose who you want to see your last login time, but if you’re online, that’s something users had absolutely no control over. That’s about to change with a new privacy option you can choose from. who can see you are online.

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this novelty it’s been leaking for a few weeks and now we have confirmation that it will eventually reach everyone. The privacy menu to choose who can see the last connection will also be used to choose who can see that you are connected, with two options: All or Same as Last Login. The last login time can be set to be visible to everyone, your contacts, your contacts except some, or nobody.

Quietly leave the groups

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Another novelty of which we already had proof -and that, in addition, some beta testers have already been activated- is linked to groups and to the message that appears when a member leaves the group. In a future a notice that someone has left the group will no longer be displayed. At least not for everyone, administrators will always see them.

Of course, the output will not be completely silent. Instead, WhatsApp groups will have a menu called Previous attendees, where any member of the group can see the list of people who left the group in the last two months. This feature should hit everyone during the month of August.

No screenshots on transitory photos

view only

The latest novelty is the one that surprised us the most, since we had no proof that it was on the way. WhatsApp will prevent you from taking screenshots of short-lived photos and videosthose that are deleted as soon as they are seen once by the sender (although there are tricks to seeing them multiple times).

Until now these types of ephemeral messages were poorly protected, in addition to being removed from the chat after opening. WhatsApp has indicated that it is still testing this novelty for which we will no longer be able to take screenshots of this type of message, and we should have it on our mobiles “soon”.

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