When is San Juan and where is a holiday?

The Saint John’s Day is celebrated on night of June 23 to 24. The choice of this date is no accident, since it is the day when Saint John the Baptist was born, according to pick up Barcelona City Hall. The role of fire too is linked to the Biblefor this indicates that Zechariah commanded light a bonfire to announce the birth of his son John.

The truth is that the start of this party It has a pagan origin, which responds to an event that occurs a few days before its current date.

What do we celebrate in San Juan?

It’s true, the Saint John’s Day commemorates, since its origins, the beginning of summer. However, it should be noted that the summer solstice occurs a few days earlier: June 21. Despite everything, many dedicate this day to welcome this time of year, marked by the tradition established before Christianity. “It is a cult to the sun, to the lengthening of the day, due to the arrival of the summer solstice”, specifies the aforementioned source.

In the case of the city of Barcelona, the feast of San Juan is very old. Also the existence of bonfires in the celebration, since the common belief indicated that fire warded off and scared away evil spirits. So much so that in the 18th century laws were enacted to suppress fireworks and bonfires in the city, proof that the tradition was already well established.

Where is the vacation in San Juan?

The reality is that only three autonomous communities collected on June 24 as a public holiday, as indicated in your Work schedule.

Catalonia, Galicia and Valencian Community These are the three regions in which its citizens will be able to enjoy a day off on June 24, 2022. Each of these three communities has a different way of celebrating the night of San Juan. However, there are three elements that remain in each of them: fire, festivals and music.

How do we celebrate San Juan in Barcelona?

The Barcelona City Hall explains on its website that it is a night of bonfires and verbenayes Indeed, each neighborhood organizes its own neighborhood meetings.

Celebration starts June 23 afternoon when the Canigó flame arrives in Plaça de Sant Jaume, where it is received by the municipal authorities, the Àliga de la Ciudad and the Gigantes de la Ciudad, while the song “Muntanyes del Canigó” plays.

After the representatives from each neighborhood collect the fire who will light the bonfires of the whole city. In this way, the verbenas start in the squares and in the streets. Also popular dinners, fireworks, dances and lots of festivities until dawn. Of course, in this celebration there is no shortage of cava and coca, typical specialties of San Juan

How do we celebrate San Juan in Alicante?

For its part, Alicante dedicates a few days to the celebration of its feast: San Juan bonfires. In fact, these are the main fiestas of the city of Alicante, as explained by the your town hall website. In fact they are declared of International Tourist Interest.

Its origin goes back to the tradition of burning useless objects with the arrival of the summer solstice. Thus, the party officially begins on June 20 and lasts until the 29th of the same month. During these days he they plant in the city more than two hundred monuments- known as bonfires – made of papier-mâché with a satirical theme.

Alicante bonfires.

These colorful dolls burn on June 24 during the spectacular “Cremà” night which is accompanied by the popular “Banyà” (bath) performed by firefighters to put out the bonfires. These festivities also have other acts, such as the “Mascletàs”, the Proclamation, the “Plantà”, the Cavalcade of the Ninot, parades and street parades. Also an offering of flowers to the Virgen del Remedio.

How do we celebrate San Juan in Galicia?

mysticism and magic are the two elements of the celebration of the night of San Juan in Galicia. Indeed, it is said that on this night the earthly world and the beyond communicate, allowing the dread of evil spirits, the evil eye and witches.

So the Fires of joy continues to be a present element, together with other traditions that characterize the Galician San Xoan, such as the queimada and its conxuro and the preparation of the water of San Juan, collects the website of the Plank. Queimada is a concoction that is set on fire and prepared by reciting a spell known as conxuro da queimada to ask for protection from ancestor spirits.

The queimada in Galicia for San Juan

This set it is prepared it is prepared in a clay or metal pot in which pomace brandy, sugar, citrus fruits and sometimes also coffee beans are added. The mixture is ignited and, with a large ladle, the ingredients are mixed while the flames are fanned. Now is the time to use the purifying power of fire and ask for the protection of the spirits by reciting the magic conxuro it burns This tradition has its origins in the 70s, says the Xunta. In this way, the day is dedicated to the memory of deceased loved ones.

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